death Note: What occurred To Misa (Does She Die?) Misa to be a significant character on classic anime series Death Note, yet she end the present on an ambiguous note. What occurred to her after that ended?

Misa played a significant role in the Death Note manga and anime series, but what taken place to her as soon as the show ended? The Death Note manga was developed by Tsugumi Ohba and drawn by Takeshi Obata. The story entails a hyper-intelligent teenager called Light, who likewise has something of a God complex. This is intensified greatly when he comes right into possession the a "Death Note," which offers users the strength to death anybody by composing down your name and manner the demise. Irradiate is given the book by a death god called Ryuk, and Light wants to usage the book to develop his image of a perfect world.

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His plan is interrupted through L, a nameless teenage investigator that suspects light of being involved with the inexplicable deaths. The Death Note anime debuted in 2006 and became an instant classic, thanks to that is cat and mouse games, bizarre however well-drawn characters and its exploration of complicated themes. The present ran for one season yet was later adjusted into various movies and also TV series in Japan.

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Death Note additionally received a 2017 Netflix exclusive, American-produced adaptation starring Nat Wolff as Light. When the movie shows up to have actually been a success for the platform, it was met v accusations that whitewashing and also fans didn"t prefer the countless alterations the made come the resource material. The movie also featured a version of Misa Amane from the manga and also anime, despite Margaret Qualley"s Mia had a much different personality. In the anime, Misa to be a version who came to be obsessed with and later fell in love v Light Yagami after ~ she additionally acquired a death Note. The anime didn"t end well because that Light, when a heartbroken Misa is later seen standing on the balcony the a tall structure as the credits roll.

death keep in mind misa anime final scene
Backing increase slightly, Death Note ends v the SPK - led by L"s follower Near - ultimately outsmarting Light and also cornering him. He"s later on shot and also fatally wounded, and also while trying come flee, Ryuk writes his name down in the death Note, sealing his fate; he dies quickly after. Misa is then checked out traveling ~ above a train, seemingly aware of his death, and is then displayed on the leaf of a building. While it"s no shown, it"s heavily implied she jumped off as she didn"t want to live in a human being without Light.

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While Misa"s fatality isn"t shown in the Death Note anime, also if it"s strongly implied, it was later evidenced in the manga that she did take it her own life. There"s unlikely to be a sequel anime collection that confirms this, however, so fans can consist of their very own minds about her fate.