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Flourished:c.2400 BCE - c.2201 BCE...(Show more)Title / Office:king (2334BC-2279BC), Akkad...(Show more)

Sargon, byname Sargon that Akkad, (flourished 23rd century bce), ancient Mesopotamian leader (reigned c. 2334–2279 bce) who was among the faster of the world’s good empire builders, conquering every one of southern Mesopotamia and parts the Syria, Anatolia, and also Elam (western Iran). He established the region’s first Semitic dynasty and also was considered the founder of the Mesopotamian armed forces tradition.


Sargon is known virtually entirely from the legends and tales that adhered to his reputation through 2,000 year of picture writing Mesopotamian history, and not from files that to be written throughout his lifetime. The absence of modern-day record is defined by the truth that the funding city of Agade (Akkad), which he built, has actually never been located and excavated. That was ruined at the end of the dynasty that Sargon founded and also was never ever again inhabited, at least under the name of Agade.

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history of Mesopotamia: Sargon’s reign
According come the Sumerian king list, the very first five rulers of Akkad (Sargon, Rimush, Manishtusu, Naram-Sin, and also Shar-kali-sharri)...

According come a folktale, Sargon was a self-made male of humble origins; a gardener, having found him as a infant floating in a basket on the river, lugged him increase in his very own calling. His dad is unknown; his own name during his childhood is additionally unknown; his mommy is claimed to have actually been a priestess in a city on the middle Euphrates. Rising, therefore, without the assist of prominent relations, he attained the write-up of cupbearer come the ruler of the city the Kish, in the north of the old land of Sumer. The event that lugged him to supremacy was the defeat of Lugalzaggisi that Uruk (biblical Erech, in central Sumer). Lugalzaggisi had currently united the city-states that Sumer by beating each in turn and also claimed to rule the floor not only of the Sumerian city-states but also those as much west together the Mediterranean. Thus, Sargon became king over all of southern Mesopotamia, the an initial great ruler for whom, quite than Sumerian, the Semitic tongue well-known as Akkadian was organic from birth, return some previously kings with Semitic surname are videotaped in the Sumerian king list. Success was ensured, however, just by many battles, due to the fact that each city hope to restore its freedom from Lugalzaggisi there is no submitting to the new overlord. That may have been before these exploits, when he was gathering followers and also an army, the Sargon named himself Sharru-kin (“Rightful King”) in assistance of an accession not completed in one old-established city v hereditary succession. Historical records are still for this reason meagre, however, the there is a complete gap in information relating to this period.

Not content with dominating this area, his great to secure favourable trade with Agade throughout the well-known world, along with an energetic temperament, led Sargon to defeat cities follow me the middle Euphrates to north Syria and the silver-rich hills of southern Anatolia. He also dominated Susa, funding city of the Elamites, in the Zagros hills of west Iran, wherein the just truly modern-day record the his reign has actually been uncovered. Such was his fame that some sellers in an Anatolian city, more than likely in main Turkey, begged him to interference in a local quarrel, and, follow to the legend, Sargon, with a tape of warriors, made a fabulous journey to the still-unlocated city that Burushanda (Purshahanda), in ~ the end of i m sorry little an ext than his figure was essential to work out the dispute.

As the an outcome of Sargon’s armed forces prowess and capability to organize, and also of the tradition of the Sumerian city-states that he had actually inherited by conquest and of formerly existing trade of the old Sumerian city-states with other countries, advertisement connections flourished with the Indus Valley, the coast of Oman, the islands and shores of the Persian Gulf, the lapis lazuli mines the Badakhshān, the cedars the Lebanon, the silver-rich Taurus Mountains, Cappadocia, Crete, and perhaps even Greece.

During Sargon’s dominance Akkadian became adapted to the script that previously had been supplied in the Sumerian language, and also the brand-new spirit the calligraphy that is clearly shows upon the clay tablet computers of this dynasty is also clearly seen on modern-day cylinder seals, through their beautifully arranged and executed scene of mythology and festive life. Also if this brand-new artistic emotion is not necessarily to it is in attributed straight to the personal influence that Sargon, it shows that, in his brand-new capital, military and also economic worths were not alone important.

Because modern-day record is lacking, no sequence deserve to be given for the occasions of his reign. Neither the variety of years during which he lived nor the allude in time in ~ which the ruled have the right to be fixed exactly; 2334 bce is now offered as a day on i beg your pardon to hang the start of the dynasty of Agade, and, follow to the Sumerian king list, he was king because that 56 years.

The latter part of his regime was troubled with rebellions, which later literature ascribes, predictably enough, to sacrilegious acts the he is claimed to have committed; however this can be discounted as the standard cause assigned to all disasters by Sumerians and Akkadians alike. The troubles, in fact, were probably resulted in by the i can not qualify of one man, but energetic, to control so huge an realm without a developed and also well-tried administration. Over there is no evidence to suggest that that was an especially harsh, nor the the Sumerians disliked him for being a Semite. The realm did no collapse totally, for Sargon’s successors were may be to regulate their legacy, and later generations thought of him as being possibly the greatest name in their history.

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Attributing his success to the patronage that the goddess Ishtar, in whose honour Agade to be erected, Sargon of Akkad came to be the very first great empire builder. Two later Assyrian kings were named in his honour. Return the summary recorded info of his predecessor Lugalzaggisi shows that expansion past the Sumerian landscape had currently begun, later on Mesopotamians looked come Sargon together the founder of the military tradition that runs through the history of your people.