Gravity is the force whereby a planet or other body draws objects towards its center. The pressure of gravity keeps all of the planets in orbit about the sun.

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What else does heaviness do?

Why carry out you land on the ground when you run up instead of floating off right into space? Why perform things autumn down when you throw them or autumn them? The price is gravity: one invisible force that pulls objects towards each other. Earth"s gravity is what keeps you on the ground and what provides things fall.


An computer animation of heaviness at work. Albert Einstein described gravity as a curve in room that wraps roughly an object—such together a star or a planet. If an additional object is nearby, that is pulled into the curve. Picture credit:

Anything that has mass additionally has gravity. Objects with much more mass have an ext gravity. Gravity also gets weaker v distance. So, the closer objects room to every other, the stronger their gravitational pull is.

Earth"s gravity comes from all that mass. Every its mass provides a an unified gravitational pull on every the massive in her body. That"s what provides you weight. And also if you were on a earth with much less mass 보다 Earth, you would certainly weigh less than you execute here.


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You exert the exact same gravitational force on earth that it does top top you. But since Earth is for this reason much more massive 보다 you, your pressure doesn’t really have actually an result on ours planet.

Gravity in our universe

Gravity is what hold the planets in orbit around the sun and also what keeps the moon in orbit approximately Earth. The gravitational traction of the moon traction the seas in the direction of it, causing the s tides. Heaviness creates stars and planets by pulling with each other the product from i beg your pardon they room made.

Gravity not just pulls on fixed but also on light. Albert Einstein found this principle. If friend shine a flashlight upwards, the irradiate will flourish imperceptibly redder as gravity pulls it. Friend can"t watch the change with your eyes, but scientists have the right to measure it.

Black holes pack so much mass into such a small volume the their gravity is solid enough to keep anything, even light, from escaping.

Gravity on Earth

Gravity is very important come us. We can not live on planet without it. The sun"s heaviness keeps planet in orbit roughly it, maintaining us at a comfortable street to enjoy the sun"s light and also warmth. It holds down our atmosphere and the wait we should breathe. Heaviness is what stop our civilization together.

However, heaviness isn’t the same almost everywhere on Earth. Gravity is slightly more powerful over locations with much more mass underground 보다 over places with much less mass. provides two spacecraft to measure these sports in earth’s gravity. These spacecraft are component of the heaviness Recovery and also Climate Experiment (GRACE) mission.

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The elegant mission helps scientists to develop maps of gravity variations ~ above Earth. Locations in blue have actually slightly weaker gravity and also areas in red have slightly stronger gravity. Photo credit: of Texas center for space Research

GRACE detects tiny changes in gravity over time. These changes have revealed necessary details about our planet. For example, elegant monitors alters in sea level and can detect transforms in earth’s crust carried on through earthquakes.