Tokens regularly serve together a reminder of a promise or commitment, and also a purity ring is simply that: a reminder that a commitment to purity. If purity is not a new concept, the idea of a ring to represent the promise to remain pure until marital relationship is a more contemporary one. If you’ve ever before wondered “What is a purity ring?”, keep reading to learn more about this modern type of promise ring.

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What Is a Purity Ring?

At a glance, a purity ring looks just like any type of other ring you might wear on your finger. Girlfriend may even know someone who wears a purity ring, whether or no you realize what the is or what the represents. Once you look at closer at a purity ring, you notice that the engraving and designs center approximately the idea of wait for true love or living a pure life. The specific phrases and also designs vary, but all purity rings symbolize that appointment to stay pure until marriage.

A purity ring, also called a chastity ring or abstinence ring, is a form of promise ring. Rather of committing you yourself to one person, you room making a commitment come yourself. The ring regularly has a profoundly spiritual meaning. People who stay the rings commit themselves to keeping their minds, bodies and hearts pure when dedicating themselves to serving God.

The many common means to stay a purity ring is on her left ring finger, i m sorry is the exact same finger typically reserved for a wedding ring. This is no coincidence — the idea is that the purity ring stays on the left ring finger until it is replaced by a wedding ring. This goes in addition to the idea of maintaining yourself pure till you obtain married.

The history of the Purity Ring

Purity ring came about in the at an early stage 1990s. During that time, the Bush administration pushed STD avoidance with a focus on abstinence because that young people. That promotion became a platform because that many spiritual groups, and the purity ring became the symbol of the purity commitment.

Meanwhile, The silver Ring Thing, a program designed come promote life a pure life with programs for middle and high school students, began. The regime incorporates music, video, distinct effects, skits and also comedy in a teen-friendly format with a emphasis on life a religiously specialized life. The routine puts a strong emphasis on living a life centered about Jesus.

As part of the program, attendees commit to purity. The silver Ring Thing also offers purity rings because that those who choose to commit come purity. Many other Christian groups also supported the idea of attract purity rings, however The silver Ring Thing and other religious groups room not the just ones that supply purity rings.

The rings room now obtainable in a range of formats from plenty of different sources, all v the same purpose. Some people architecture custom purity rings by engraving relevant phrases and also symbols on a plain band.

Who wears Purity Rings?

Teens and young adults room the most common groups that wear purity rings. This demographic is typically unmarried and also in the dating phase of life. Peer press to communicate in various tasks that detract indigenous a pure life is additionally high at this point.

While young world are most most likely to wear purity rings, anyone of any age that is committed to purity deserve to wear this form of ring. Most civilization who wear purity rings execute so for spiritual reasons. Numerous proponents the the purity ring motion are Christian-based groups. Households with strong spiritual beliefs may encourage their children to wear purity rings. Some churches or church-sponsored groups encourage youth participants come wear the rings together well.

People that aren’t religious may also choose come wear purity rings. These human being simply want to emphasis on living a pure life to save their top priorities in line through their beliefs. Both males and females deserve to wear purity rings. The ring are accessible in a variety of designs because that both genders. Many young celebrities undertake or have actually worn purity rings at certain points in your lives. Examples include Jessica Simpson, Demi Lavato, Selena Gomez, Jordin Sparks, Julianne Hough and the Jonas Brothers.

What Is the objective of attract a Purity Ring?

What is the point of a purity ring? right here are some factors people choose to undertake them:Commitment to yourself: By wearing a purity ring, you space making a commitment to yourself. That commitment deserve to be religiously based or simply a commitment to care around yourself and also keep yourself safe.Commitment to others: when the main emphasis is committing come yourself, the purity ring is additionally a symbol come a potential spouse the you want to wait because that true love.Reminder during difficult times: When faced with those complicated situations or pressures, the ring serves together a reminder the the commitment come making positive, healthy and balanced decisions in life. It deserve to remind the wearer to stay strong in the conviction to stop from activities that take attention away from keeping the body, mind and also heart pure.Declaration of your decision: Some people choose to undertake purity ring to do their view known. They space not embarrassed come let others recognize they have committed come a pure life.

Buying a Purity Ring

A typical tradition is for a parent to buy a purity ring for a child. This exchange typically takes location in adolescence. In plenty of cases, the parental of the contrary sex presents the ring to the child. The father gives his daughter a purity ring, or the mother gives her son a purity ring, for example.

Some teens or young adults buy purity rings themselves. The individual decides come commit to purity and also wants a ring to stand for that commitment.

Still others exchange purity ring while in a relationship. Trading purity rings through a far-reaching other mirrors that both of you have actually a meeting to remaining pure till marriage. It is no an engagement or meeting to obtaining married sooner or later — that is merely a method of speak you both plan to keep your hearts, minds and bodies pure, whether you remain together or go separate ways.

Purity Ring Vows

Wearing the ring is just one component of the commitment. Most human being who pick to undertake purity rings likewise take a vow or pledge come the idea of continuing to be pure. The vow or pledge may be linguistic or written. The purity ring wearer might write the vows personally, or the parents or a spiritual organization supporting the idea that a purity ring might provide a vow to use.


When committing to wear a purity ring, the vow or pledge need to reflect the individual person’s motivation and beliefs. Reciting a vow or signing a pledge just to appease who else way the commitment to the purity ring might not be strong.

The format for make a vow that purity is flexible. This allows each human to enter into the purity meeting in a installation manner. Some options include:

Verbal vow: The human being committing to purity verbally renders the vow. This may take ar with parents, friends, a far-ranging other or other people.Signed pledge: Other people choose to sign written pledges when they decide to stay purity rings. The written pledge can be short and also sweet or detailed, v the specific commitments the human being is making. Signing a piece of file may feeling like much more of a concrete commitment to the idea. Maintaining a copy the the signed pledge likewise gives friend something come look at if you feel your commitment wavering. That reminds girlfriend of your initial excitement and also your factors for dedicating yourself to purity.Purity certificate: A similar option is a purity certificate. This is comparable to any type of certificate, and serves together a visual reminder of the commitment. The certificate could be signed by parental or a church leader.Purity ceremony: Another choice to make a solid commitment is with a purity ceremony. This ceremony might be large or small, often involving family and close friends. Some ceremonies take place at home, while some churches hold purity ceremonies as part of programs because that church youth group members. During the ceremony, the person committing to purity commonly takes the vow and is presented v the ring.Purity balls: Some civilization go over and past a basic ceremony to host purity balls. A purity ball is a an ext formal, elegant kind of a purity ceremony. The guest the honor and other guests frequently wear formal gowns. Men commonly wear suits or tuxedos. The event often has dancing, food, cake and prayer, in enhancement to the presentation the the purity ring and the purity vow.No matter how you decide to commemorate her commitment to wearing the purity ring, ensure her commitment is genuine. Do the promise coherent to yourself makes it simpler to follow v with your intentions.

Common styles of Purity Rings

Purity ring come in a variety of formats with assorted sayings ~ above them. Purity rings for girls often have a thinner, much more delicate design. They can include hearts, butterflies or similar engravings. Others incorporate gemstones top top the ring. Purity ring for guys may have a slightly much more masculine look. More thick bands are common in styles for guys.


The wide selection of purity ring layouts makes it less complicated for each human being to find a look that fits individual preferences. Purity rings frequently come in a silver- tone, through sterling silver being a renowned metal choice. The rings come in a selection of various other metals, consisting of yellow gold, white gold and steel, so you can find a steel that suits your an individual tastes and also matches your various other jewelry.

An engraved speak is practically always discovered on a purity ring. A common phrase is “True Love Waits,” or simply “Love Waits.” These basic phrases record the significance of the purity ring, i beg your pardon is to wait for true love and marriage. Plenty of other phrases space also accessible on purity rings. Some examples include:

I will wait because that youI will waitI will wait because that my belovedPurityOne life, one loveLove is patientPure prior to GodPure and also patientSome people choose to wear a purity ring v a specific verse indigenous the Bible. The ring can display the complete verse if it is quick enough, or simply the name of the verse. Some instances of fitting scriptures verses include:Psalm 51:10Song the Solomon 6:3Jeremiah 29:11Matthew 5:81 Corinthians 6:18-201 Corinthians 13:4-8Philippians 4:131 Thessalonians 4:3-4

Purity rings are regularly engravable on the inside of the band. This offers you a chance to personalize the ring to make it much more meaningful to you and your certain situation. Ideas include your name, the day you took your purity vow, a unique scripture or an additional sentiment regarded purity.

Beyond the phrasing top top the purity ring, girlfriend can obtain a tradition look by selecting different shapes and also accents on the ring. Numerous chastity rings use a straightforward band style. Others have sections designed come look like various shapes relevant to the idea of purity. Those designs regularly take the front and center place on the ring.

Still others usage a cut-out design with a relevant symbol reduced out of the band to produce a shame opening. Usual images and also designs on purity rings include:

Crosses: The overcome symbolizes the commitment come God first. Since most human being wear purity rings for spiritual reasons, the cross are well-known as decorations ~ above the rings. The cross might be engraved right into the ring or stand out past the edges of the ring.Hearts: Purity ring express the commitment to wait for marriage, i m sorry is based on the idea the true love. As such connection come love, hearts often make an illustration in purity ring designs. This can be an engraved heart or an accent gemstone shaped prefer a heart.Keys: Purity ring with an essential symbols frequently represent the “key to my heart” sentiment. The idea is the the future spouse has the key to the heart, and also the wearer will continue to be pure until that marital relationship occurs through the one person holding the key.Flowers: Flowers space sometimes included into the purity ring design for a delicate, feminine look. The flower might represent purity or innocence. Part people basic choose a flower architecture because they favor the look.Many purity ring designs combine multiple symbols. An example is a heart with a an essential across it, or a cross surrounding by hearts. Some rings incorporate all three symbols right into one design. The rings come in so numerous different designs the it’s simple to uncover something that fits your taste and also style, whether you like straightforward and fragile or ornate.

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Choose her Perfect Purity Ring

Does a purity ring heat up through your an individual values and commitment to maintaining your heart pure until marriage? If so, begin planning for your purity ring through a layout that expresses your personality and commitment to living a pure life.