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In the early sixteenth century, the mighty Aztec realm in the brand-new World was defeated by a relatively small lot of Spanish soldiers. There space several factors for the Spanish victory. We"ll list these, and also then you can pick the 3 that girlfriend think are most important.

very first of all,...

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In the early on sixteenth century, the mighty Aztec empire in the brand-new World was beat by a reasonably small lot of Spanish soldiers. There space several factors for the Spanish victory. We"ll list these, and also then girlfriend can pick the 3 that girlfriend think are many important.

First the all, the Spanish possessed far superior weaponry and battle tactics. The Aztecs relied on noodle pads for armor, reed or wood shields, clubs, spear throwers, and also traditional bows and also arrows. Aztec police officers wore elaborate costumes signifying rank, which do them basic to target. Their warriors advanced in a loosened formation and also considered war a routine undertaking. The aim to be to catch prisoners for subsequent sacrifice. On the other hand, the Spanish had crossbows, pikes, steel swords, guns, cannons, and metal armor. The Spanish cavalry decimated the Aztec ranks, and also the Aztecs to be unprepared for the means that the Spanish brutally slaughtered their opponents.

Aztec customs and also religion helped to bring about their very own downfall. When Hernan Cortes first advanced top top Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capitol, he was greeted warmly and treated with respect. This to be likely due to a mix of factors. It was Aztec custom to treat guests with honor, and it to be a tactic designed come placate a potential enemy. Additionally, it"s feasible that some Aztecs believed that Cortes to be the return that the god Quetzalcoatl.

Another aspect in the defeat of the Aztecs was the ruthlessness and treachery of the Spanish. The Aztecs were provided to following specific rules that diplomacy and also warfare. The Spanish, however, had actually no together scruples. Shortly after the Aztec king cordially welcomed the Spanish, the Spanish turned on him and took him hostage. This to be a pattern of duplicity the the Spanish in the brand-new World would frequently follow once it suited your purposes.

The Spanish likewise allied themselves through disgruntled subjects and also enemies that the Aztecs. The Tlaxcalans and other ruled over communities, v Spanish help, increased up versus their Aztec oppressors, who had demanded hefty tribute and additionally regularly take it sacrificial victim from among the populace.

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Finally, the Spanish overcame the Aztecs by pass Old civilization diseases such together smallpox, measles, and also mumps to which the Aztecs had actually no immunity. These diseases wiped out up to fifty percent of the complete Aztec population.