What go WAT mean?

An inquisitive reply to other nonsensical. Favor "What?" but an ext punch and also easier come type.

Other meanings of WAT:

A succinct response to something important confounding. A change of words "what". Prefer another alteration "wut", the term expresses the you space dumbfounded.A "what" like an answer that is frequently used on article boards, texts, or society media to express confusion or displeasure come something shocking or outrageous.An knowingly misspelling of the word "what". The word is left uncapitalized and without punctuation come emphasize the confusion.

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How to use the ax WAT:

Person 1: inspect out this venomous cringe post I saw earlier.Person 2: wat

What?! Seriously, choose what the heck? i mean, like, wat


Now that"s wat I call music.


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