‘Quedarse de piedra’, ‘vaya tela’, ‘ser un pedazo de pan’? These among many various other Spanish slang expressions often confuse students who visit Spain for the very first time together a result of their frequently double an interpretation and uselessness in their literal translation. On ISC Spain’s blog, us have collection out to curve the finding out of Spanish into an to chat adventure, easily accessible for every ages. If girlfriend are determined to travel to Rafa Nadal and Fernando Alonso’s country, we invite girlfriend to uncover some entertain Spanish slang expressions.

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With end 500 million Spanish speaker and constant prospects that growth, Spanish is proud come be one of the most renowned languages for the student consensus; If you choose these funny Spanish expressions, girlfriend cannot miss out on out! They are sure to surprise you!

6 Spanish Slang Expressions

‘Ser un pedazo de pan’

This expression analyzed literally means to be a item of bread; Its provided to suggest that somebody is a an excellent person, go not reason harm to others nor would be able to do so, the tantamount in English would certainly be something similar to ‘sweetheart’ – without doubt one that the an ext curious slang Spanish expressions.

‘Tirar la casa por la ventana’

The literal meaning translation of this expression is to throw the home out the window; No Spaniard is thinking of law what the expression implies, it refers to somebody who spends an extreme amount of money without reasoning – Its tantamount in English would be ‘spare no expense’.

‘Quedarse de piedra’

In this instance, the literal meaning of this expression carefully resembles what Spaniards space trying to express, definition to continue to be in stone, or end up being a rock – What are they trying come imply? To it is in surprised or stunned. For example: ‘cuando Rafael descubrió que María tenía superpoderes, (él) se quedó de piedra’, an interpretation ‘when Raphael uncovered that Mary had superpowers, he to be stunned.’

‘Qué guay / Qué chulo’

Just together the English say ‘how cool!’, the Spanish tantamount is ‘Que guay! Que Chulo!’ because that example: ‘¡qué guay!, nuestros amigos vendrán a almorzar’, meaning ‘How cool! our friends space coming for lunch.’ however it must be detailed that there is an additional expression ‘Qué pasada!’, which method the specific same thing.

‘Vaya tela’

Another renowned slang expression is ‘Vaya tela’, the finish version being, ‘Vaya tela marinera’, however unfortunately this expression is difficult to translate in English, nor would certainly it be an extremely useful as result of the truth its literal an interpretation has nothing to perform with what the phrase is trying come express – Regret/disgust. Because that example: ‘Vaya tela el trabajo que tienes’ would translate to, ‘What one unfortunate job you have’.

‘Como Dios manda’

Spain’s Catholic roots can be discovered in the expression ‘Como Dios Manda’, whose literal translation would be ‘As God Commands’. What go this phrase typical exactly? correctly or properly. For example: ‘Pedro cambió de peluquería, porque quería un pelado como Dios manda’ which means, ‘Pedro readjusted hairdressers due to the fact that he wanted a haircut excellent properly’.

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With these Spanish expressions and also many others, you will progressively boost your vocabulary over time, avoiding unnecessary confusion due to the twin meanings of several of these slang terms – If you room thinking about learning Spanish, cities prefer Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona and also Alicante are among the best locations to perform so. What space you wait for?

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