v. Chid·ed or chid (chĭd), chid·ed or chid or chid·den (chĭd′n), chid·ing, chides


(tʃaɪd) v. chid•ed chid (tʃɪd) chid•ed chid chid•den (ˈtʃɪd n) chid•ing.

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Past participle: chidedGerund: chidingImperativePresentPreteritePresent ContinuousPresent PerfectPast ContinuousPast PerfectFutureFuture PerfectFuture ContinuousPresent Perfect ContinuousFuture Perfect ContinuousPast Perfect ContinuousConditionalPast ConditionalImperative
I chide
you chide
he/she/it chides
we chide
you chide
they chide
I chided
you chided
he/she/it chided
we chided
you chided
they chided
Present Continuous
I am chiding
you space chiding
he/she/it is chiding
we space chiding
you space chiding
they space chiding
Present Perfect
I have actually chided
you have chided
he/she/it has actually chided
we have chided
you have actually chided
they have chided
Past Continuous
I was chiding
you were chiding
he/she/it was chiding
we to be chiding
you to be chiding
they were chiding
Past Perfect
I had chided
you had chided
he/she/it had chided
we had chided
you had actually chided
they had chided
I will chide
you will certainly chide
he/she/it will chide
we will certainly chide
you will chide
they will certainly chide
Future Perfect
I will have actually chided
you will have chided
he/she/it will have actually chided
we will have actually chided
you will have chided
they will have actually chided
Future Continuous
I will be chiding
you will certainly be chiding
he/she/it will certainly be chiding
we will certainly be chiding
you will certainly be chiding
they will certainly be chiding
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been chiding
you have actually been chiding
he/she/it has been chiding
we have actually been chiding
you have been chiding
they have been chiding
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have actually been chiding
you will have been chiding
he/she/it will have actually been chiding
we will have actually been chiding
you will have actually been chiding
they will have actually been chiding
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been chiding
you had been chiding
he/she/it had actually been chiding
we had actually been chiding
you had been chiding
they had been chiding
I would certainly chide
you would chide
he/she/it would chide
we would chide
you would certainly chide
they would chide
Past Conditional
I would have chided
you would have chided
he/she/it would have actually chided
we would have chided
you would have chided
they would have actually chided

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chide - censure severely or angrily; "The mommy scolded the child for entering a stranger"s car"; "The deputy ragged the element Minister"; "The customer dressed under the waiter because that bringing cold soup"
call top top the carpet, chew out, chew up, dress down, have actually words, bawl out, berate, rebuke, reproof, scold, take to task, speak to down, lambast, lambaste, lecture, reprimand, remonstrate, trounce, jaw, rag
castigate, chasten, chastise, objurgate, exactly - censure severely; "She chastised him for his insensitive remarks"
criticise, criticize, pick apart, hit - uncover fault with; refer criticism of; point out actual or regarded flaws; "The file criticized the new movie"; "Don"t knock the food--it"s free"
verb (Old-fashioned) scold, blame, lecture, carpet (informal), flame (informal), put down, criticize, slate (informal, chiefly Brit.), censure, rebuke, reprimand, reproach, berate, mite off (informal), admonish, tear right into (informal), blast, tell turn off (informal), find fault, diss (slang, chiefly U.S.), review the revolt act, reprove, upbraid, slap top top the wrist, lambast(e), bawl out (informal), rap over the knuckles, chew out (U.S. & Canad. Informal), tear (someone) turn off a strip (Brit. Informal), give (someone) a rocket (Brit. & N.Z. Informal), reprehend, give (someone) a row (Scot. Informal) that is rapid to chide his employee for any mistakes or oversights.
admonish, call down, castigate, chastise, dress down, rap, rebuke, reprimand, reproach, reprove, scold, tax, upbraid.
Informal: bawl out, lambaste.
Slang: chew out.

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Idioms: bring to task, call on the carpet, haul over the coals, permit someone have it.