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Geo- is a combining kind used prefer a prefix an interpretation “earth.” the is regularly used in scientific terms in a selection of fields. In part rare instances, such as the term geocode, geo- is offered as one abbreviation of geographical.

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Geo- originates from Greek , an interpretation “earth.” A synonym the is khthṓn, which is the resource of several words regarded the underworld, such together chthonic.

What space variants of geo-?

When an unified with indigenous or word elements that begin with a vowel, geo- becomes ge-, as in geanticline. Desire to recognize more? check out our Words the Use article for ge-.

Examples of geo-

An instance of a native you have actually likely encountered that attributes geo- is geology, “the science that deals with the dynamics and physical background of the earth.”

We know geo- method “earth,” therefore the -logy part of the word? that’s right, -logy describes “study,” from the Greek logía. Geology literally converts to “study the the earth.”

What are some indigenous that usage the combining type geo-?

What space some other develops that geo- may be generally confused with?


Not every indigenous that starts with the precise letters ge-, such as gearbox or geoduck, is necessarily making use of the combining type ge- to signify “earth.” find out why geoduck is the surname of a kind of saltwater clam at our entry because that the word.

Break the down!

Given the definition of geo-, what is another name for the discipline known as geoscience?

How to use geo- in a sentence

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British sdrta.net interpretations for geo- (1 that 2)



/ (ˈdʒiːəʊ) /
noun many geos or gios
(esp in Shetland) a little fjord or gully

Word origin for geo

C18: native Old norse gjā ravine; concerned Old English gionian come yawn

British sdrta.net meanings for geo- (2 that 2)

combining form
indicating earthgeomorphology

Word origin for geo-

from Greek, native gē earth

Medical meanings for geo-


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Scientific definitions for geo-

A prefix that way “earth,” together in geochemistry, the examine of the Earth"s chemistry.


bellwethernoun | SEE DEFINITION
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