What walk Larry mean?


▼ together a boys" name is express LARE-ee. The is that English and Latin origin, and also the definition of Larry is "from Laurentum". Short form of Lawrence and also Laurence, regularly used together an independent name. Basketball player Larry Bird; actor/comedian Larry David.SEE additionally Larnell

STARTS/ENDS v La-, -ry

ASSOCIATED with bird


ALTERNATIVE forms VIA LAURENCE, LAWRENCE Laranz, Larenz, Larrens, Larrey, Lars, Lauren, Laurie, Lawrey, Lawrie, Lawry, Lonny, Loren▼, Lorin, Lorry

CREATIVE FORMS(male) Lamry, .. (female) Lardy, .. Middle NAME PAIRINGSLarry Harold (L.H.), ..

How popular is Larry?

Larry is a really prominent very first name for males (#29 the end of 1220, height 2%) and additionally a an extremely prominent last name for all people (#5781 out of 150436, peak 4%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Larry reached its optimal rank of #11 in the U.S. Throughout 1940-1949, and is currently at #706. (TOP 2000 NAMES, 2018)



Which version is better?

Lars (#1756 A YEAR AGO), Lauren, Laurence, Laurie, Lawrence (#498), Lonny, Loren (#1988) and Lorin are the famous varying creates of Larry (#706). Various other variants, prefer Larenz, are hardly ever used. Adoption of these creates of Larry to be at its peak 78 years earlier (ADOPTION that 2.4%) and also has end up being significantly less due to the fact that (ADOPTION 0.1%, 97% LESS), with develops like Laurence coming to be less stylish.

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Similar Names

Larry▼ is alike in pronunciation come Laray, Larie, Laroy, Larue, Lary, Leary, Leeroy, Leroi and also Leroy▼. Various other recommended sound-alike names are Arry, Barry▼, Berry▼, Camry, Cary▼, Clarry, Corry, Curry, Darry, Derry, Garry▼, Gary▼, Gerry▼, Harry▼, Horry, Jary, Jerry▼, Jorry, Kerry▼, Korry, Lacey, Lacy▼, Laddy, Laird, Landry▲, Lanny▼, Larch, Laren, Largo, Larin, Lark, Laron, Larran, Larren, Larrin, Larron, Mabry, Maury, Morry, Murry, Orry, Parry, Perry▼, Qadry, Rorry, Terry▼ and also Torry. These names tend to it is in less frequently used 보다 Larry.