Origin that the surname Katrina:

Derived from the Dutch and also German Katrine, a variant type of Katherine (pure, unsullied).

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From A people of baby Names by Teresa Norman.

US popularity of Katrina end Time


Alexander Andrew Annika Brianna Christopher Daniel David Emily Jacob James Jason Jennifer Jessica man Jonathan Joshua Louise note Matthew Michael Nicholas Rachel Richard Robert Samantha
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Trina, Kat, Katia, Kate, Katie, Katy, Triny or Trini (TREE-NEE), Nina, Nini (NEE-NEE), Katrina Ballerina, Kit Kat , Trinnie, Winnie ( WEE-NEE), Trizi (Tree-zee), Kat-In-A-Tree Tria (if ur very an innovative with ur name)Unfortunley there are alot of devilish names aswell for instance ...kitkat chunky...

I"ve additionally got "tri" pronounce "tree"

Tinny was used on the collection "Republic that Doyle" as Katrina Doyle"s nickname.

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Meanings and history of the name Katrina

Greek- "Pure"

Famous real-life people named Katrina

Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor the The country Magazine and TV political commentator.

Hurricane Katrina arisen in respectable 2005 and influenced the Gulf an ar of the USA from Florida to Texas. The was particularly damaging to brand-new Orleans, Louisiana, whereby old dams failed and also caused major flooding. Hurricane Katrina holds the document as among the five most dangerous hurricanes and is the most costly hurricane in the background of the united States. At the very least 1,836 civilization died in the actual hurricane and also in the subsequent floods, and also total property damages was approximated at $81 exchange rate (2005 USD). Complying with the hurricane, the name "Katrina" was retired native the hurricane specify name lists.

Katrina in song, story & screen

Katrina van Tassel was the love attention of Ichabod Crane in Washington Irving"s "Legend that Sleepy Hollow."

Katrina Shanks-Meltsner indigenous Adventures In Odyssey

"Katrina and also the Waves" to be a (mostly) brother band energetic from 1981-1999. "Walking on Sunshine" (1985) is perhaps their best-known song. The band delighted in a brief come-back as soon as they winner the "Eurovision Song challenge 1997" with their track "Love light a Light." The "Katrina" that the band is American-born lead singer Katrina Leskanich. ~ the band damaged up in 1999, Katrina Leskanich had a lengthy solo career until 2012, when she helped form a brand-new band, "Katrina and also The Romance."