Perhaps made most famous by flexible Normal-type Pokemon Eevee, Pokemon"s elemental stones and other evolutionary items have become an ext useful v each passing generation that Pokemon game. The number of stones has slowly grown over time, too. Together a result, there are fairly a variety of them come be uncovered in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon - but we"re right here to cover them.

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These stones are concealed throughout the people of Alola much the same as in any Pokemon game, and also when you attain them you have the right to expose Pokemon on her team to the rock to do them evolve. Some Pokemon can evolve multiple different ways depending on what stone you use, when others need use that a rock to evolve also along your solitary evolution path. In any case, this stones room vitally important.


Pokemon Ultra sunlight & Moon: Evolution rock Locations

We figured several of you can be no hope to know specifically where a specific stone is come evolve her Pokemon the choice, for this reason we"ve gathered a perform of the stones here and their locations. We"ll expand this list as we monitor down more stones in Ultra sun & Moon... Store in psychic that numerous (but not all) of these locations additionally apply come vanilla Pokemon sunlight & Moon too.

Where to find a Fire Stone

Fire Stones are used to evolve various types of fire-type Pokemon. It"ll revolve your you re welcome Eevee into a fiery-maned Flareon or a cutesy Growlithe into a regal looking Arcanine.

You"ll be able to find a Fire rock in Diglett"s Tunnel ~ above Akala Island, or you can conversely buy this rock in Konikoni City.

Where to discover an ice Stone

An Ice stone has do itself into one of the an ext desperately want evolutionary stones in sun & Moon since it evolves the new Alola creates of some classic Pokemon Red and Blue Pokemon - Alola Sandshrew and also Alola Vuplix. One of these present is exclusive to Sun, the various other to Moon.

To obtain your Alola Sandslash and Alola Nintales you"ll desire the stone. Get it native Po town as loot when you storm the place or buy it in Konikoni City for 3000 Pokedollars.

Where to find a leaf Stone

The Leaf rock evolves a bunch of grass-type Pokemon once you disclose them to it, however they"re in demand in sun & Moon due to the fact that it"ll evolve the reasonably easily discovered Exeggcute into the gigantic-necked Alola type of Exeggcutor.

We haven"t uncovered any method to take this stone in the wild yet (if you"ve found one, let us know) but you can obtain it via bag Pelago or buy it in Konikoni City.

Where to find a Thunder Stone

The thunder stone is a Pokemon staple since the Red and Blue days, though in a feeling it"s always been one of the more underused stones... Who evolves Pikachu, anyway? The addition of Alola type Raichu could encourage some an ext Pika evolving, however.

For that you"ll require this stone - and you can find one on course 9. One old male will check out you"re a trial-going trainer and also hand that over. It"s also easily accessible to buy in Konikoni City because that 3000 Pokebucks.

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Where to uncover a Water Stone

The water stone forces a lot of types of water Pokemon come evolve - and that has Eevee into fan favourite and Pokemon walk stampede-causer Vaporeon and Staryu right into Starmie, Misty"s Pokemon that choice.

The Water stone is like many of the others discovered for sale in Konikoni City. You can likewise go surfing off the watery leaf of route 8 - you"ll find it hiding far in the water.

Where to uncover an Oval Stone

The Oval stone is very details - it only evolves one types of Pokemon, and also that"s Happiny right into Chansey. Since you can find Happiny into the wild in sun & Moon it"s tho pretty relevant, however.

You can discover the Oval stone in an appropriate place for an egg-loving Pokemon - ~ above Akala Island"s Paniola Ranch, near the Pokemon Nursery.

Where to discover a Dusk Stone

The Dusk stone is love by Dark and also Ghost-type Pokemon in particular, and also as a an outcome you have the right to use that to make Pokemon prefer Murkrow and Misdreavus Evolve.

You can buy among these but not in Konikoni City for when - you"ll need to look within the Flea industry at the Malie ar Center. Friend can likewise find one simply off the beach of the Poni Wilds.

Where to uncover a Dawn Stone

The aqua-colored Dawn rock is the method you with a few new evolutions - for masculine Kirlia it can lead come the super cool feather Gallade, and for the female Snorunt it can lead to Froslass.

After reaching the Ultra Megaopolis, friend can uncover a young lad come the right of the Pokemon facility in Akala"s royal Avenue. He desires you come tell him stories of her exploits. Store telling him story - you"ll have to leave the area and re-enter (The Pokemon facility will do) to tell him another. When you"ve impression him enough, he"ll fight you. Defeat him to acquire the Dawn Stone. Alternatively, you have the right to use bag Pelagio.


Where to uncover a sun Stone

The Sun stone can be offered to evolve a range of light-loving Pokemon. It"ll rotate your Gloom right into a Bellossom, a Sunkern right into a Sunflora, A Cottonee into Whimsicott, a Petilil right into Lilligant and a Helioptile into Helioisk. Handy!

You"ll find a Sun stone out in the world on Blush Mountain as well as through bag Pelagio. Ultra sunlight players can additionally find one in the Haina Desert.

Where to discover a Moon Stone

The Moon rock evolves a bunch of various Pokemon - mostly fairy types - into their enhanced versions. It"ll evolve Nidorino right into Nidoking or Nidoqueen, Clefairy into Clefable, Jigglypuff into Wigglytuff, Skitty right into Delcatty and also Munna into Musharna.

In Ultra Sun and also Ultra Moon girlfriend can uncover a Moon stone on route 13 and through play Poke Pelagio. Ultra Moon owners can additionally find one in the Haina Desert.

Where to uncover the shiny Stone

The Shiny rock is a dazzling one the evolves a grasp of Pokemon including Togetic right into Togekiss, Roselia right into Roserade, Minccino right into Cinccino and Floette into Florges.

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In Ultra sunlight & Moon, a Shiny rock can be had actually from a shop in Malie City if friend so wish - or girlfriend can discover one turn off to the left-hand side covert away ~ above the old Poni Path.