The coolant temperature warning light transforms on as soon as your engine is sensed to be also hot and also is at threat of damages from overheating.

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Combustion engines are pushed by a collection of managed explosions. These continuous explosions generate enormous quantities of heat. As a result, engines require a series of passageways and also a pump to circulate coolant transparent the engine block and maintain the overall temperature.

The car’s computer system constantly monitors the coolant temperature and overall liquid level come ensure that the suitable temperature is maintained always. A warning light is presented on the dashboard if the coolant temperature is as well hot.

What the coolant temperature warning irradiate means

On engine startup, the warning light will certainly illuminate for a 2nd or two to inspect the bulb and also should then go out. If the warning light is illuminated also after startup, it indicates that the car’s computer system has detect an problem within the system. The most usual reasons because that the warning irradiate to displayed are the temperature or liquid level of the coolant.

If you are driving as soon as this warning light goes on, pull over safely as quickly as possible and shut turn off the engine come let every little thing cool down. Allow the engine cool under for at least 30 minutes prior to attempting to remove the radiator cap and also remember to usage a special rag to defend your hand when you perform so. Never attempt to remove the radiator cap off the a warm engine. The radiator lid is designed come pressurize the device so the the water no boil as easily. Removed the cap from a hot engine will cause the coolant to start boiling and also the vapor will most most likely burn you. When the engine has actually cooled, examine the all at once fluid level the the coolant. If the level is low, you can include just water in the interim so the you deserve to drive what to acquire the automobile checked out.

Keep in mind that a short coolant level means a leak is present which requirements to it is in remedied at the earliest. Otherwise, your vehicle will ultimately be low on coolant again and also run the risk of the engine gaining overheated. The car’s computer will commonly save a password when faced with any type of issues so having a scan device hooked approximately the auto can be of immense aid in identifying the problem.

Is it for sure to drive with the coolant temperature warning light on?

While the car is tho driveable, you run the threat of causing far-ranging damage come the engine by letting the run also hot. As stated earlier, if the light comes on, you should pull over as quickly and safely as possible. When the light has actually turned off, you deserve to drive the automobile again, but keep one eye out for the light to come on together it most likely will until the trouble has been fixed. Also if you need to pull over every pair of mile to let the engine cool down, it’s precious the hassle to help prevent the engine indigenous overheating.

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As always, our certified technicians are available to assist you in diagnosing any kind of issues with your cooling system.