Definition noun, plural: contractile vacuoles (cell biology) A specialized vacuole of eukaryotic bio cells, particularly protozoa, connected in osmoregulation, i.e. It permits the flow of water native the cytoplasm and then discharges this externally through the opened of a long-term narrow neck Supplement A contractile vacuole is a specialized type that vacuole in eukaryotic cells, specifically protozoa and specific unicellular algae. The is affiliated in osmoregulation. Osmoregulation is the process of regulating water potential in bespeak to store fluid and also electrolyte balance in ~ a cabinet or organism family member to the surrounding. It is essential since it maintains a constant optimal osmotic pressure in the cell. With it, the cabinet is maybe to keep the appropriate amount the solute concentration and water. In aquatic unicellular organisms such together protozoa and algae, the cabinet is hypertonic loved one to its surrounding, i.e. The inside of the cell has higher concentration the solutes 보다 the environment. As a result, the water has tendency to flow into the cell with osmosis. The contractile vacuole help prevent too much water influx that can harm and also cause rupture (lysis) to the cell. The contractile vacuole contracts to expel water out of the cell (thus, the name). The duration of water expulsion that contractile vacuole is described as systole whereas the duration at i beg your pardon water flows right into it is dubbed diastole. Abbreviation / Acronym:

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pulsating vacuole

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