l>CLOUD PHYSICS - Collision/Coalescence; The Bergeron procedure CLOUD PHYSICS Collision/Coalescence; The Bergeron procedure THE BERGERON PROCESSIn order because that cloud droplets, which are very small, to come to be raindrops, they have to increase in size almost a million times. Indeed,for even a cloud droplet come form, facility processes have to takeplace enabling for the counter of water vapor to liquid water.Often time in the setting this process would be virtuallyimpossible there is no the presence of aerosols. Before we watch atthis procedure involving CCN, or cloud condensation nuclei,let us an initial examine the case without them, recognized as homogeneousnucleation.We have said before that the procedure of the readjust of state fromvapor to fluid is dubbed condensation. Also, this will certainly occurwhen the loved one humidity reaches 100%, or when the vapor pressureequals the saturation vapor pressure. In the microphysics that cloudscondensation, however, pure water will condense only when levelsof saturation with upwards of 120% (20% supersaturation). Thereason being the the spherical form a water droplet forms isa very unstable structure, therefore resisting development of the droplet.It is not till these high level of saturation are got to thatthe forcing will conquer this resistance known as surfacetension.The process known together heterogeneous nucleation involves"polluting" the pure water with aerosols, or CCN. Byadding CCN, water is enabled to condense v much lower valuesof supersaturation, top top the stimulate of a few tenths the a percent.Now that cloud droplets have formed, we will try to understandhow lock can flourish to the size of a raindrop. One such way (although,as us will shortly see, not the many important) is through collisionand coalescence. Cloud droplets will certainly be lugged by air currentswithin the cloud, and also if lock bump into each other, it is calleda collision. However, if lock collide then stick together,that is called coalescence. Although this procedure is important,especially in the tropics and in increasing the dimension of raindrops,it falls short of gift the main mechanism for the formationof raindrops. The process needed was serendipitously discoveredby a man named Tor Bergeron while acquisition a mountain walk.The Bergeron process relies mainly on the truth thatthe saturation vapor push with respect to ice cream is less thanthe saturation vapor pressure with respect to water. Anotherimportant reality is the pure water droplets execute not freeze at 0°C!Again, due to the fact that of surface tension and also the structure of water,to acquire a pure water droplet come freeze calls for a temperature of-40°C.Liquid water that is cooler than 0°C is called supercooled.In the atmosphere, similar to CCN, there exist freeze nuclei.In contrast to CCN, freezing nuclei space not numerous in theatmosphere since there structure must be similar to the structureof an ice crystal. Most of the naturally emerging freezing nuclei"activate" at about -10°C. These freezing nucleiallow for the cloud droplets to freeze around them. Due to the fact that ofthe family member sparseness the the freezing nuclei, ice cream crystalsand supercooled water droplets deserve to coexist at the same time. Thisis wherein the Bergeron"s primary reality becomes important.The following chart illustrates the differences in saturationvapor pressure of water.
Temperature RH wrt* H2O(liq) RH wrt H2O(ice)0°C100%100%-05°C100%105%-10°C100%110%-15°C100%115% -20°C100%121%*wrt = v respect to
Note that due to the fact that RH= e/es, if es is make smaller, RH increases.The Bergeron process can be summarized together such: The air reachessaturation and also some of the result droplets will certainly come in contactwith freeze nuclei (assuming they have reached the activationtemperature). We will now have actually a combination of ice crystals andsupercooled water droplets. From the view of the supercooleddroplets, the waiting is in equilibrium at saturation, however from theperspective the the ice cream crystals, the waiting is supersaturated. Therefore,water vapor will sublimate ~ above the icecrystals. Due to the fact that the lot of water vapor in the air has decreased,and native the view of the supercooled water droplet, the airis subsaturated, the supercooled water will evaporate until theair as soon as again reaches saturation.

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The procedure then continues. In quick summary, the ice decision grows through sublimation in ~ the price of the supercooled water droplet.The Nexlab HomePage The Nexlab residence Page