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"Swole", additionally known as "Swoll", is a slang term meaning "swollen," i m sorry is regularly used virtual to explain someone who has developed a big or well-defined physique from load lifting and bodybuilding.

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The more quickly online an interpretation of the term to be submitted by digital Slang Dictionary<14> user Dan P. On April 27th, 1998, identifying the word as a synonym because that “muscular.”

In hip Hop

The faster known intake of the ax in i know good hop lyrics comes from the track “When I gain Free,” which was released posthumously top top the album until the finish of Time for the so late rapper by Tupac Shakur on march 27th, 2001 (shown below, left). The song contains the lyrics “did push ups till ns swole up” in reference to time Shakur had actually spent working out in prison. Top top June 30th, 2010, the rapper absent Solid uploaded a music video to YouTube because that his track "Swole." (shown below, right).<19>


On November 25th, 2002, Urban Dictionary<11> user Phat E it is registered an entrance for the word "swoll," defining the term together ebonics for the word "swollen" accomplished from lifting weights at the gym. On march 13th, 2003, WannaBeBig Forum<12> member GIS submitted a thread titled "The hatchet "swole"", which questioned why the term had come to be popular. ~ above December 20th, 2004, BodyBuilding Forums<13> member marcFE it is registered a thread titled "What the heck does "swoll" mean?" top top September 14th, 2005, Boxden Forums<15> member CapoStatus4k it is registered a thread asking if doing press ups can make him "get swole." top top November 5th, 2006, YouTuber skaterfrek09 uploaded a music video clip titled “Swole Guy,” which featured animated photos of the previous California governor and also bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger (shown below).

On February 7th, 2007, GetBig Forums<16> member thisiskeitch12 submitted a object asking how to appropriately spell the term. On in march 15th, 2008, Yahoo Answers<17> member Everett M submitted the inquiry "How execute I obtain swole?", which had the description "swole is black talk for buff." top top November 6th, 2009, the Twitter feeding
SwollProblems was created, featuring very first world problems and other complaints around being muscular and also physically right (shown below).

Can"t go to the gym today due to the fact I can"t fit through the door #swollproblems

— Swoll problems (
SwollProblems) July 17, 2012

On October 21st, 2010, the Tumblr<9> blog "Swole Foods" to be created, special photos and recipes because that post-workout meals. On march 28th, 2012, the "Get Swole" Tumblr<10> was launched, i beg your pardon featured photographs that bodybuilders and also inspirational estimates related come lifting weights and physical fitness. On might 26th, the /r/swoleacceptance<3> subreddit was created, which offered as a satirical forum for muscular people to talk about prejudice they endure in day-to-day life. On October 17th, the youth culture blog Vice<7> released a post titled "Swole," featuring number of photographs that bodybuilders posing. Short articles related to lifting and also physical fitness have the right to be discovered on Tumblr<8> under the sign "#swole" and also several fitness-related Facebook<18> pages have actually been created with words "swole" in the title.

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Merriam-Webster Definition

In January 2019, "swole" was included to the Merriam-Webster<21> dictionary, wherein it was identified as "extremely muscular" (shown below).