Status inconsistency occurs as soon as an individual’s society positions space varied and also these variations influence his or her all at once social status.

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Learning Objectives

Discuss the principle of condition inconsistency and how this phenomena deserve to lead to frustration because that people

Key Points

presented by the sociologist Gerhard Lenski in the 1950s, condition inconsistency theory predict that civilization whose status is inconsistent will be more frustrated and dissatisfied than people with consistent statuses. Sociologists investigate issues of standing inconsistency in order to much better understand standing systems and stratification. Max Weber articulated three significant dimensions that stratification in his discussion of class, power, and status.

Key Terms

sociologist: A society scientist concentrated on the study of society, human being social interaction, and the rules and also processes the bind and also separate world not only as individuals, yet as members of associations, groups and institutions. status inconsistency: A situation in which an individual’s differed social positions can have both optimistic and an unfavorable influences top top his or her social status. Max Weber: (1864–1920) A German sociologist, philosopher, and also political economist that profoundly affected social theory, society research, and also the self-control of sociology itself.

Status inconsistency is a instance where one individual’s social positions have both optimistic and negative influences top top his or she social status. Introduced by the sociologist Gerhard Lenski in the 1950s, condition inconsistency theories predict that civilization whose statuses room inconsistent will certainly be much more frustrated and also dissatisfied than human being with continuous statuses. Because that example, a teacher may have a hopeful societal photo (respect, prestige, etc.), which rises her status but she may earn tiny money, which at the same time decreases she status.

All societies have actually some basis for social stratification, and also industrial societies are identified by multiple dimensions to which part vertical hierarchy may be imputed. The concept of standing inconsistency is simple: that is characterized as occupying different vertical location in 2 or more hierarchies. Sociologists investigate problems of condition inconsistency in order to much better understand condition systems and stratification, and also because part sociologists believe that location of status inconsistency could have strong effects on people’s behavior.

Max Weber articulated three major dimensions the stratification in his conversation of class, power, and status. This multifaceted framework provides the background concepts for pointing out status inconsistency. Standing inconsistency theories predict that human being whose standing is inconsistent, or greater on one measurement than one another, will be an ext frustrated and dissatisfied than human being with continual statuses.

Gerhard Lenski initially predicted that world suffering from condition inconsistency would certainly favor politics actions and parties directed against greater status groups. Follow to Lenski, the ide can be used to further explain why condition groups consisted of of wealthy minorities who would it is in presumed conservative often tend to be liberal instead. Because Lenski coined the term, condition inconsistency has actually remained controversial with limited empirical verification.

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School Teacher: teacher are frequently held in high esteem and also exert strength over students and also in regional policy, yet they have tendency to have low income and little accumulated wealth.


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