Cursing in korean is an action that renders you feeling like one of those gibberish dudes in gangster movies. The oriental language is forceful, accentuated, and generally deserve to be defined as ‘meaning business.’ add the emotion and vibrancy that comes with cursing and also the native are just plain powerful.

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How to curse in Korean: The Basics

Dong-mogo or Dong-mukuh – Eat shitGeseki – child of a bitchGesekida – son of a bitchHop’ung or Ji ral yhun byung – BullshitAnother kind of BullshitJot daegari – DickheadKochu – DickNimiral – definition Shit or Fuck, relying on context.Yumago – crap youShibal – fuck or fuck You, relying on context

Gaejasik – Motherfucker

Shibseki – generally used to mean BitchToejora – go to hellUm chang seki – deserve to be translated to Bastard or mother Fucker

How to Curse In Korean: do It Visual

Think of learning exactly how to curse in korean like learning straightforward math problems back in grade college (we know, over there is rather a difference in the level the innocence involved, however for the services of discovering . . .). Psychic how helpful the chalk board was? create these words down and then say them the end loud. You’ll begin to memorize the terms and will also get far better with pronunciation.Here’s a an excellent video top top the subject:

Use flash cards

The same method can be used with speed cards. Compose the curse indigenous on the cards, bonus clues if you usage them in a sentence, and also quiz you yourself or have a girlfriend quiz you. Put the English translate in on the ago side, together a type of helpful hint if you gain stuck.

How typically do korean speakers swear?

Actually, rather a bit. Ideal on par with English and Spanish speakers, and in mine opinion, v much an ext force (I provided this earlier, however thought I’d re-emphasize.) on this note, it’s vital to store situational awareness top-of-mind when cursing in Korean. Avoid inadvertently offending who by discovering what you space saying, the paper definition in which the curse words are used, and also what the intended reaction is.


How come Curse In Korean: final Words

When practicing your oriental cursing, go over each words or phrases and repeat them the end loud. If you don’t remember as soon as or exactly how to use a specific word, describe the flash cards – a great reason to carry them v you together you travel and converse. Obviously you don’t desire to just bust them out in the middle of a conversation, but having castle in your back pocket have the right to come in comfortable sometimes.

Practice pronunciation, maybe use Google analyze or audio recordings to help with this..

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Why not take it a action further and also actually learn how to speak Korean? that a beautiful language the is as engaging as it is exotic. Live Lingua’s immersive oriental lessons online are the best way to end up being fluent in Korean and also enhance that upcoming trip.

Language learning is the gateway to the world. That knows whereby you’ll finish up!

Thinking past Korean curse words

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