Hi its the odor Dude here. I have dealt with hundreds of homes contaminated through rat urine smells over the years and also removed rat pee odor from garages, attics, to crawl spaces, walls, and ceiling spaces. I will show you exactly how I death the rat pee odor and better still permanently eliminate it.

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To remove rat urine smell the residues are neutralized using an oxidizing liquid that is mixed simply prior to treatment. The combined chemicals permeate deep right into the substrate to break down the salt, urea, and acid residues and also render lock neutral. This procedure is recurring until all the urine residues are damaged done.

Read on because that a description of the full method used by professional odor remove contractor due to the fact that 2002 and also a failure of the materials used that work best for neutralizing the rat urine and also removing the devastating odor.

What Product To use For Neutralizing Rat pee Odor?

Since 2002 we have actually been using a 4 component formula the when mixed together creates a very powerful odor remover. Us mix a oxidising systems using 4 chemistry described and shown here and also apply the blended solution come the affected areas by spraying or tipping depending upon the location. The urine neutralizing solution as soon as mixed develops a very an effective odor remover and also has long term odor removers built in that will continue to work-related for many weeks ahead.

The formula / combined solution likewise has 2 ingredients the once merged will react through the rat urine residues and kills the odor of rat to pee quickly.

The product is really easy come make and all you need is a bucket and some rubber gloves. We indicate wearing eye protection also during mixing and also applying the solution to rat to pee odors.

Mix increase the formulation as presented in the members area.

How To apply The Rat smell Neutralizer ?

Step 1. Start off v 2 quarts the the solution and spray some of the neutralizing formula ~ above the area where you think the pee is located. Look because that white foaming as shown below. The white foaming shows a air pollution is present and also therefore the areas you need to treat. The product foams as soon as it contact urine, feces, or various other odor resulting in contaminants as presented below.

Rat pee foaming white as soon as DIY neutralizer is applied to locate where the contamination is

Step 2. Apply the product by tipping directly onto the foaming locations i.e where the rat pee is.(Use formula 2)

Investigate the sprayed locations carried the end in step 1 and also see how much foaming is present. Minor contaminations equates to light foaming and also serious contaminations are suggested by hefty foaming.

Step 3. Once you find these areas use a generous application of Formula Two and pour little amounts top top the contaminated area ensuring the is penetrating in slowly and deeply and not running off. The lot you use will vary depending upon how huge the air pollution is and what substrate the to pee is in. Wood and concrete space porous and also need more product. You deserve to mix much more product conveniently if required.

Give the area number of applications till the foaming stops. You have the right to spray the or guideline it top top what ever is less complicated as lengthy as the equipment comes in contact with rat pee it will work.

Step 4: leave the product to work-related over the next 3 days and also then re-evaluate the smell.

If you followed the instructions and applied product until the foaming was minimised you will most likely have removed it all. Rats and mice don’t pee big quantities however it often tends to penetrate and is very concentrated.If over there is still part odor remaining in 3 work time apply much more product again and also then leaving for a month. The product has a long term neutralizer in it that keeps top top working.

“I have actually done it, The smell has actually gone. The problem was as you suggested, that ns did not recognize where the main locations of air pollution were so i was dealing with the wrong area. Ns sprayed the formula around and looked for the foaming together you suggested. (there was a many foam by the way) ns then used a hefty dose and left it end night. I repeated that the following day and one day later the odor now is 5% of what is was. It has made together a distinction to us and I can not say thanks to you enough. It know it will store working over the comes days (love just how it walk this) which provides us peace of mind. Thx!!!

Alistair P, Atlanta residence Owner

Can I eliminate Rat pee Stains In mine Ceiling?

Rat urine will certainly seep right into fiber board or dry wall surface panels in her ceiling and also eventually stain the paint work over time. After therapy you can shot the method below to eliminate the stains.

To remove rat urine stains, repaint over the stained area on the drywall panel v an oil based sealer and also leave because that one week. If the stain reappears replace the drywall ceiling panel. If the stain does no reappear paint over the sealer v your nominated color.

Rats will certainly urinate in multiple locations in a ceiling space but a-lot of times we find they have concentrated their efforts around insulation product as shown below.You can’t remove the odor economically from any type of insulation material and also it is lot cheaper and an ext effective to change the contaminated insulation.The example below shows the rat pee in the insulation and the pink area is no contaminated however the dark brown area is. This item of insulation was creating very strong odors and also was totally removed . The area underneath to be treated for rat urine using our formula and then as soon as dry the area had brand-new insulation installed.

This sorted the problem and the residence owner did not have any type of odors remaining once we had finished.


Video overview for removing rat urine odor.

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The video clip below offers a step by step overview on what treatments to use.If the ceiling material is made the end of fibreboard, or drywall then it is an extremely absorbent and will require several applications the Formula Two. No need to treat areas that space not foaming up. In extreme instances we had to treat lumber framing 3-4 times through Formula two then once dry, seal it v a really resilient sealer.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G7jpenV5OUVideo can’t it is in loaded since JavaScript is disabled: how to eliminate Rat Urine native an Attic PERMANENTLY | totally free online help from The sdrta.net (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G7jpenV5OU)