Pono is the Hawaiian word definition to be righteous, balanced, good, correct, and moral. It urges excellence, prosperity, and a feeling of duty. 

Pono might seem like an outdated idea come many, specifically in the way it urges moral and righteous behavior. 

But in a civilization where faith is mocked and also morality has all yet disappeared, the value of pono has never been an ext important. 

When we live the value of pono, us live a balanced life: with nature, God, ourselves, and others. Ours life is filled through ho’omaluhia, peace, because our actions are in alignment through who God needs us come be. A feeling of calm overcomes us because that alignment feel well through our na’au, our gut feelings.

Being pono means standing up because that the right, also when unpopular or mocked. It’s not simple to was standing for truth, particularly when we’re alone. Yet the value of pono encourages us to do so.

Being pono way putting to trust in God before man, understanding that justice will always have the reward.

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How do we additional implement the value of pono in ours lives?

Learning Pono indigenous Koa Trees 

In the high hills of Hawaii stand forests of beautiful koa trees. Koa trees to be so crucial to old Hawaiians, together their sturdy and also thick lumber were perfect to make strong canoes.

The koa trees recognized for strength and also resilience, organize ground against the elements. Castle live in an overwhelming conditions, where the high elevation provides it cold, and also the humid wind sends out a chilly breeze v the forest. They take about 80 year to with their complete potential, but as they grow, they are ever before strong. 

I had actually the opportunity to plant koa trees as soon as I joined a high institution club. Our society did backbreaking work-related to tree koa trees in the forests of Mauna Loa. We hosted a vast pack of koa seedlings on our backs, and also an o’o rod in the various other hand. 

Our instructor told united state that many of these seedlings would certainly not survive the problems of the environment. But many of them would.

I always thought about this. Pono is lot like the toughness of the koa trees. That isn’t basic to stand solid and tall versus the elements. Likewise, it isn’t straightforward to stand firm when human being question our beliefs and efforts to it is in moral. 

Pono is based upon our personal convictions to execute good, and elevate all of the human ‘ohana

Planting the koa trees reminded me of mine high institution life. I was the girl who didn’t swear. I really want to be ideal with God, and also since the commanded—as far earlier as the 10 commandments—that we not take the Lord’s name in vain, ns made mine decision no to swear. Ever. 

I ended up being known together the “goody-good” girl in high school, and classmates would inquiry my decision. Nobody seemed to referee me because that it. I felt for this reason strongly around my convictions that my classmates didn’t blink an eye around it. Lock didn’t follow example–though an initiative was constantly made come stop human being from swearing roughly me. Yet they did identify it together a part of a bigger duty and also respect come God the I held in my heart. In fact, once we graduated, the valedictorian stated me in she talk, saying the if anyone felt lost and needed direction, they can turn come me. 

It was shocking. And self-revealing. Ns don’t re-superstructure this story to boast. I share this story due to the fact that being pono is the appropriate thing to do. Even when it’s not popular, when everyone else roughly us appears to execute the opposite thing, when society and areas say that principles is out of style. 

Choosing to it is in pono matters. As soon as we do a conscious decision of just how we’ll live pono, we dig our root deep into the ground and stand solid and tall, as with the koa trees.

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How else can we live pono? 

Create a relationship with God 

Being pono stems from having actually a partnership with God. If you don’t understand who the is or what the commands, how have the right to we be righteous? How deserve to we be ideal with him?

You can start having actually a partnership with God appropriate now: through prayer, analysis his word, and attending his church. You don’t need to do anything distinct or make a dramatic life adjust to have actually a connection with God, just start where you are.

Make a decision front of time

What sort of human do you want to be? What execute you want to be remembered as? once you start with the end in mind, it’s much simpler to live a pono life. If you deserve to visualize the type of human being you want to be, exactly how would that change and reshape the method you live now? 

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Live well balanced

Living balanced seems favor a hard ide to grasp, yet it deserve to be do simple. Right here is an instance I like to usage to define balance: when someone litters the earth, that activity throws things off balanced–for nature and also the earth. As soon as someone picks and properly handle of the litter, it restores balance.

The same principle applies to our relationships through God, others, and also ourselves. When we have actually a pilikia (trouble) with someone else, the mana (energy, spiritual relationship) is thrown turn off balance. We gain back the balance in the connection through ho’oponopono (making points right, correction).

If we want to live the value of pono, we would certainly be way to take it a moment to ask ourselves this questions:

Is my relationship with God balanced? how is my connection with others (or go into name here)? Am i doing too small or too lot of something? Is my relationship with myself balanced?

Sometimes we obtain into the habit of doing too much or too tiny of one thing–too much social life, too tiny connections, too lot exercise, too little exercise, etc.

When we take the moment to look in ~ our life and ask, “Is mine life pono–is it balanced?” we deserve to feel what us should enhance on. If we’re struggling to know what demands improvement, we can always ask God.

A pono life is a blessed life

The Hawaiian worth of pono has deeply blessed my life. Also though I’ve occasionally stood alone in mine beliefs and also morals, ns feel appropriate with God. That’s among the best blessings I can ever feeling in this life. Being pono has helped me to feel right with God, and I understand it deserve to do the same for you together well. If you’d favor to learn more about exactly how to build your relationship with God, check out this wonderful source from mine church!