There room occasions once we execute not setup too far ahead; in together cases, our solution to a situation depends on exactly how the event unfolds. Usually, we improvise. Our responses room not thought out before hand; we do everything we think is the right thing to perform in that particular situation. This manner of handling something is dubbed ‘playing the by ear".

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*I have actually no clue just how Nalini"s parents are going come react. I"ll have to play that by ear.

*Mukund, I know you room a regulate freak, however this time you"ll need to play that by ear.

This expression, i m sorry is greatly used in informal contexts, originates from the human being of music. Once a musician ‘plays the by ear", he attempts come play or blee a item of music without looking in ~ the music sheet. The plays the piece from memory, and uses his ears to recognize if what that is play is correct or not.

How is words ‘conduit" pronounced?

(R. Shukla, Jaipur)

The very first syllable is pronounced choose the indigenous ‘con" and also the following ‘du" prefer the native ‘dew. The final syllable sounds like the native ‘it". One simple way of pronouncing the word is ‘KON-dew-it" through the tension on the very first syllable. The is generally used to refer to the pipeline or passage which permits wires or water to happen through. Words can likewise be used to refer to a channel i beg your pardon carries something native one place to one more or from one human being to one more — it could be information, money, etc.

*Villages near the border have always been a conduit because that the revenue of illegal drugs.

What is the an interpretation of ‘give me a break"?

(S.V. Uday, Raipur)

This is one expression commonly used in American English in not blocked contexts. As soon as somebody says something, and you answers by speak ‘give me a break", it says that friend don"t think what the person has just told you. It"s another way of informing the human being that he to be being ‘preposterous" or level ridiculous.

*Rukmani has been make a Professor! provide me a break.

*Your space keen on help the poor! give me a break.

What is the difference between ‘change" and ‘alter"?

(M. Prasad, Warangal)

The difference is among degree. When you ‘alter" something, you generally make minor alters to it. For example, when you transform your trousers, you do the required little changes so that they fit you better. Similarly, when you make alterations to your house, you merely redecorate it. The all at once structure the the residence remains the same; whatever changes you do are approximately this existing structure. ‘Change", ~ above the various other hand, have the right to be far-reaching or slight. That is considered to it is in the much less formal the the two words, and is offered in a wide variety of contexts. As soon as a person alters his clothes, the replaces what he was wearing through something different.

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What is the origin of ‘thesaurus"?

(V. Jayakrishnan, Kochi)

The word originates from the Greek ‘thesauros" definition ‘treasure chest" or ‘storehouse". It was only as soon as Roget published his thesaurus in 1852 walk the word get the definition that it has actually today: “a arsenal of words arranged according to sense”.


“Be who you are and also say what friend feel since those that mind don"t matter, and also those who matter, don"t mind.” — Dr. Seuss