Are you trying to find the meanings of ORD? ~ above the following image, you have the right to see significant definitions the ORD. If girlfriend want, girlfriend can also download image document to print, or you deserve to share it with your friend via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, etc. To watch all meanings of ORD, you re welcome scroll down. The full list of definitions is shown in the table listed below in alphabet order.

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Major interpretations of ORD

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All meanings of ORD

As discussed above, friend will watch all interpretations of ORD in the complying with table. Please recognize that all interpretations are listed in alphabet order. You deserve to click links on the best to see comprehensive information of every definition, including interpretations in English and your regional language.

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ORDChicago, IL, USA - O\"Hare worldwide Airport
ORDObject-Relational Database
ORDOffice the Rare diseases
ORDOffice the Research and also Demonstrations
ORDOffice of Research and also Development
ORDOften compelled Data
ORDOld Orchard field
ORDOnline resource Directory
ORDOperational Readiness Date
ORDOperational Readiness Demonstration
ORDOperational all set Date
ORDOperational need Document
ORDOperations research Department
ORDOptical Rotatory Dispersion
ORDOptical Rotatory Dispersion Spectroscopy
ORDOrdinary Seaman
ORDOrdnance Data
ORDOrganisation because that Rural Development
ORDOrganization Development
ORDOver Rated Defense
ORDOverseas replacement Depot
ORDOwner\"s danger of Damage

What walk ORD was standing for in message

In sum, ORD is an acronym or abbreviation word the is defined in simple language. This page illustrates exactly how ORD is used in messaging and chat forums, in addition to society networking software favor VK, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat. From the table above, you have the right to view all meanings of ORD: some room educational terms, the various other are clinical terms, and also even computer terms. If you recognize of another meaning of ORD, please call us. We will incorporate it during next upgrade of our database. You re welcome be informed that some of our acronyms and also their definitions are developed by our visitors. Therefore, your ide of brand-new acronyms is extremely welcome! together a return, we have actually translated the acronym of ORD come Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, etc. Friend can further scroll down and also click the language menu to find interpretations of ORD in various other 42 languages.