What Do monkeys Eat? chimpanzees live in assorted parts that the world, and they come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. The the smallest monkey types is the pygmy marmoset, which grow to a size of about 5 inches.

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The many abundant monkey varieties is the mandrill, i beg your pardon can prosper to about 3 feet tall and weigh about 35 kgs. Frequently thought to eat only bananas, monkeys are omnivores. So, monkeys acquire nutrients from both plants and also animals.

Type the MonkeyScientific NameDiet
MandrillMandrillus sphinxFruits, seeds, leaves, trunk scorpions, termites, ants, spiders, birds, eggs, tortoises, and rodents.
Proboscis MonkeyNasalis larvatusFruits, leaves, seeds, and insects.
Emperor TamarinSaguinus imperatorFlowers, fruits, saps, small birds, frogs, and insects.
Pygmy MarmosetCallithrix pygmaeaTree sap, nectar, and also fruit.

Monkeys Diet by Types

Monkeys are separated into 2 groups; the Old World and New World monkeys. Old world chimpanzees are endemic come Asia, Europe, and Africa, while brand-new World chimpanzees are discovered in the Americas.

These two species of monkeys vary as soon as looking at their sizes, noses, tails, dental formula, vision, and also sitting pads. This ar will sample out instances from the two species of monkeys.


Mandrill is one omnivore. That dines on fruits, seeds, leaves, stems scorpions, termites, ants, spiders, small birds, eggs, tortoises, and also rodents.

Mandrills space the largest monkey species.Mandrills are found in broad distribution in Equatorial Africa.


Proboscis monkey feeds on fruits, leaves, and seeds. It periodically supplements that is diet with insects.

The proboscis monkey is also referred to together the long-nosed monkey, and this is mainly since of their long noses, which can thrive up come 10 cm.These primates inhabit range of seaside and riparian areas.


Emperor tamarins feed on a wide selection of foods, which deserve to be discovered in their local habitats. Their diet has flowers, fruits, saps, small birds, frogs, and insects.

Emperor tamarins are notable for their lengthy mustaches.Emperor tamarins frequently inhabit tropic lowland forests where castle prefer having their houses on the treetops.

The pygmy marmoset, prefer its tamarin cousins, are amongst the an extremely tiniest primates.These orange-brown monkeys are so small they have the right to barely to the right in a human’s hand.Pygmy Marmosets generally inhabit rainforests.

Monkeys hunt for their food using distinctive strategies.


One monkey varieties whose searching tactics have been widely studied is the chimpanzee. Chimpanzees hunt there is no the usage of tools.Interestingly, reports have actually indicated the usage of rocks and also branches to facilitate the processing of carcasses.When monkeys hunt, they follow a potential food (mostly the red colobus monkeys), seize it, and also then kill it before consuming.

Most monkey species are diurnal by nature. This means they will be discovered foraging for food and also eating throughout daylight hours. Only the night monkey has actually been defined to be nocturnal. So, they often tend to be energetic and uncover food in ~ night.

How often monkeys eat depends on several factors, consisting of the form of species.

For instance, the Saki chimpanzees can eat between 45-50 types of fruit daily. They usage the five a work strategy within an hour that foraging.Research excellent on spider monkeys revealed lock consumed about 2.4 kilograms of food every day. As such, they will certainly feed as often as they can to realize this daily food requirement.

Many monkey species are smaller sized in size, and so castle are delicate to predators larger in size contrasted to them.


Other primates through the example of monkeys eat various other monkey species like the red colobus monkeys.Though controversial, people in some parts of the world like Bolivia, Liberia, Cameroon, and also Congo consider primates (bushmeat) to it is in a an essential delicacy.

In general, the presence of monkeys ensures the visibility of a healthy ecosystem. On the downside, the continued destruction of the habitats that monkeys live in will certainly be detrimental come the ecosystem.

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