The course describes some that the main features of a clinical calculator and encourages girlfriend to usage your calculator, both for daily arithmetic and also for more complex calculations that use the role keys together well. Crucial sequences, which define which secrets to press, are consisted of in every the activities, so you can try out the ideas straightaway.

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Due come the wide range of scientific calculators available, because that the purposes of this food we will certainly be concentrating ~ above the Casio fx-83ES model. Other calculators may role differently come the methods described within this course.

This calculator is supplied on the up University courses starting with maths (Y182) and Discovering math (MU123), yet would also be advantageous for plenty of other process requiring the usage of a scientific calculator.

This sdrta.netLearn food is an adapted extract native the up University course MU123 finding out Mathematics.

Learning outcomes

After researching this course, you should be able to:

understand the simple functions on her calculator

understand i beg your pardon calculator functions are required for a provided problem

understand what may go wrong when entering calculations and also know just how to deal with them

apply understanding of calculator attributes to a range of math calculations.

1 acquiring to understand your calculator

The first 11 sections describe how to usage the calculator and also how to execute different types of calculations. Ar 12 consists of a calculator reference overview that you deserve to refer to as required for few of the main vital sequences.

This course is not an exhaustive perform of all the calculator’s features. If you room using a different calculator, you should use the equivalent features that your very own calculator to do the tasks in this guide. You might need to refer to your calculator manual to carry out this.

The first step in utilizing your calculator efficiently is to make certain that you are familiar with the layout of the secrets on the keypad, and that you have the right to understand the info on the display.

Figure 1 mirrors the different parts of the Casio fx-83ES calculator.


If you are using a different model the calculator, make certain that you can identify similar functions on her model.

The calculator is switched on making use of the an essential at the peak right-hand edge of the keypad. Figure 2 mirrors the different facets of this calculator’s display.

Throughout this section, calculator secrets will be shown using the symbol on the key enclosed in a box, for instance .


The lower half of the keypad includes the number keys, keys for the straightforward operations that addition, subtraction, department and multiplication, and the key, i beg your pardon is pressed when you want the calculator to screen the result of the calculate you have actually entered. The keys used to insert brackets into a calculation space in the center of the row over the number keys.

Many tricks on the calculator have much more than one use. The main role of a an essential is printed in white ~ above the an essential itself. The second role of the crucial is published in yellow above the key, and is accessed by pressing the button before pressing the key. As soon as you push the button, the prize ‘

’ shows up at the top left-hand edge of the calculator screen to remind you that the switch has been pressed. It disappears once you press an additional key. Part keys also have a 3rd function, printed above the crucial in red. This functions enable numerical worths stored in the calculator memories to be supplied within calculations and are accessed by pressing the button before the suitable key. As soon as the switch is pressed, the symbol ‘
’ is displayed at the height of the calculator display. You will certainly learn just how to use the calculator memories later in ar 4.

Some calculator operations space accessed through a device of menus the are displayed on the calculator screen, as shown in figure 3. The compelled menu choice is selected by pushing the number an essential associated v the option, as provided on the calculator screen.


When describing exactly how to use various calculator functions, this guide gives the exact keys the you have to press making use of the symbols displayed on the keys. This is well-known as a ‘key sequence’. If the an essential sequence accesses the second role of a key, or a duty from a menu, the surname of this duty will be offered in brackets at the appropriate point in the vital sequence. Surname in base are thus not keys that you press however simply define the role that is accessed making use of the previous an essential sequence. For example, to turn off the calculator, press (OFF). In this notation, (OFF) is no a an essential that girlfriend press, yet is the surname of the second duty of the key, which is accessed with the key.

The calculator has plenty of modes of operation that influence how mathematics is entered and displayed. These will certainly be defined later in this guide, but prior to progressing any kind of further you need to reset your calculator come the default food settings.

To initialise her calculator come the default food settings, revolve it on and then get in the adhering to two key sequences:

(CLR) (Setup) (Yes)

(SETUP) (Norm)

Note the in the very first key sequence, ‘CLR’ (which is brief for ‘clear’) is the second function of the key, and also ‘Setup’ is the name of the on-screen menu option equivalent to the key. ‘Yes’ is the name of the on-screen menu option equivalent to the key. This an essential sequence removes all ahead ‘setup’ setups on the calculator.

In the second crucial sequence, ‘SETUP’ is the surname of the second duty of the key, and ‘Norm’ (short because that ‘normal’) is the on-screen menu option matching to the key. Pressing the an essential selects to use ‘Normal 2’ mode, which will be defined in much more detail in section 5.

Note the difference between ‘SETUP’, the second role of the key, and also the food selection option ‘Setup’.

Your calculator will now be functioning in ‘Math’ mode, and also the native Math will be presented near the right-hand next of the peak of the calculator display, as presented in figure 4 below. Math setting is the recommended means of using your calculator during this course together it allows mathematics to it is in entered and displayed in a similar means to how you would certainly write it on paper.


1.1 basic calculations

Basic calculations are gone into into the calculator in exactly the exact same order together they are written top top paper, together demonstrated in the adhering to activity. The calculator displays the calculation the you enter. As soon as you press , the prize is shown at the bottom right of the screen.


Note that the calculator offers the BIDMAS rules. These say that any expression within Brackets have to be calculation first, then any kind of Indices (often dubbed powers), followed by Divisions and Multiplications and also finally Additions and Subtractions.


To calculate this correctly you should remember come insert the brackets right into the calculation using the keys.


You may have actually noticed the in component (4) that the above activity, the calculation was too lengthy to right on the calculator display. In such circumstances, the symbols ‘

’ or ‘
’ appear at the left or appropriate of the display screen to suggest that there is more information in the direction. This information have the right to be viewed by scrolling left or right using the
and keys, which are uncovered at the left and also right sides of the big cursor control button (labelled with the word ‘REPLAY’) located under the calculator screen.

If you type a very long calculation into your calculator, then you may see the cursor (which is usually shown as ‘ ’) change to ‘

’. This method that girlfriend are permitted to form only at many 10 much more characters. If you conference this, you should break her calculation right into smaller parts.

The cursor is a flashing symbol indicating wherein the following item gotten in into the calculator will appear.

1.2 fountain or decimals?

In task 1 you set up your calculator to use Math mode. In this mode, when the an outcome of a calculation is not a whole number, it will be presented as a fraction, such together

, wherever possible.

To attain the prize in decimal form, you should press rather of , or you have the right to toggle in between the fractional and decimal outputs using the key.

Remember, your calculator is in Math mode if words Math is shown at the peak of the calculator display. If your calculator is not in mathematics mode, repeat the measures of activity 1.


In math mode, calculating

gives the result

Converting this to a decimal using gives 0.1814671815.

1.3 Powers

There are several keys on the calculator that enable you to do calculations including powers. For little powers such together squares or cubes over there are devoted buttons, and also

, i beg your pardon are located in the function key area of the keypad. This are provided in a comparable manner to just how you would certainly write mathematics; because that example, to enter
you would press
. The display also shows the maths in the same means as you would certainly write that on paper.

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To calculate greater powers, for example , you should use the more general power an essential . This is again used in a natural way. To get in , you usage the an essential sequence

. Note that after you push the key, a little box is displayed on the calculator display containing the flashing cursor (‘ ’), which allows you to go into the strength in the correct place. To relocate the cursor far from this box and ago to the main line the the display screen once the power has actually been entered, press the right arrow key in ~ the right-hand side of the big cursor control button.