It to be all about the boys on this week"s illustration of Grey"s Anatomy. Meredith and also Cristina have had a the majority of drama recently, yet this was a opportunity to see things from another allude of view. Mental you, with the exemption of a few tender moments, there wasn"t much progress in a most the storylines. Still, that was great fun, and it was nice because that the guys of Seattle grace to re-superstructure the voiceover duties rather of hearing Meredith again.

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We begin off, as we constantly do, with a fast update on what"s walk on. Meredith and also Derek are in bed together, but they"re clearly still struggling - Derek"s refusing to talk around his neurosurgery instances with her since he doesn"t desire her to it is in sad she offered up the specialty.

Webber"s putting out post-it notes because that Adele, Alex is sleeping approximately (much to the horrible of April, though Jackson conserves him as soon as April finds part knickers by claiming they belong come Lexie), and also Mark"s looking after Sofia while Callie and also Arizona are at a conference (loved the tiny high five between them). Oh, and Owen"s comes to terms through being chief - and maybe feeling a tiny lost.

At the hospital, Alex is struggling under his mountain of work, yet Webber tells him to reap himself when he"s height of the residents food chain. For his part, Webber"s emotion at a loss and is looking for something to do. Anyway, Alex is late because that his surgical procedure with Derek and also Webber advises him to insurance claim that he had actually an appointment with Mayfield in 22 the ran long. Derek"s furious when Alex reflects up late, however sure enough, Webber"s excuse works a charm.

Elsewhere, note is glowering the Owen"s acquired the chief job and also says he"s not reduced out because that it. Basically, he"s mega jealous. Anyway, Owen look at him, Derek and Webber staring and comes the end to ask if he have the right to help. And he thrills Webber through announcing that there"s been a stampede in ~ a comic convention and they"re around to obtain a lot of of instances coming in. Webber is thrilled, particularly when he hears there to be screaming.

Alex fills in Jackson top top the exceptional "Mayfield 22" pardon - and we acquire a glimpse that Cristina - yet soon the patients space coming in thick and fast. Webber is no hope to bag one however keeps missing them, until at some point he announces the he"ll look at after the unconscious sexy zombie nurse. Oo-er. That would certainly all it is in fine except that it turns out every her injuries are fake. Amazing.

Elsewhere, Alex has tendency to a patient referred to as Carter who"s kind of love the drama. Turns out he has actually a few broken toes, but nothing too serious - the crush was all for a restricted edition, signed replica of the Doctor Who TARDIS. To be honest, he"s a little disappointed he"s not much more injured. He explains that he"s dressed together a Hobbit - a gentle individual who crave adventure and also become heroes once they uncover it - yet he"s shortly distracted once he watch April. He thinks she looks as with the Dothraki princess indigenous A song of Ice and Fire and also he likes it.

Another patient, Keith, lost his ear during the stampede but his friend Greg was unable to discover it. Still, Keith"s thrilled the he managed to bag one of the TARDIS collectibles... Till Greg points the end that actually he got it. A fight ensues, however Mark and also Jackson are more concerned around reattaching the ear, if Alex and Derek realise that Keith demands an MRI due to the fact that he can"t feeling anything in his legs.

Derek it s okay paged and also is compelled to break up a fight between Eli and also Ben, who room clashing end a patient cure poorly by one of Ben"s residents. Derek kinds it all out but accidentally allows slip that Eli is now dating Bailey, reasoning that Ben currently knew. Um, oops... Derek wisely gets out of there fast sharp.

Elsewhere, Owen is feeling rather useless together he"s gained a bunch that paperwork to do and also no surgeries - instead, anyone else is bustling around around him. Once Derek comes in to find him drink scotch, that realises things aren"t going as well well and takes him up to his home where lock both take the end their disappointed by building Derek"s deck (basically it involves a lot of hammering). Owen admits that he used to think Derek was the end of his mind for quitting together Chief... Not any more. And it"s even worse that job-related is so negative considering the it offered to it is in his escape indigenous home, wherein he"s been walking top top eggshells lately.

Back at the hospital, Alex points the end Keith"s neuro injuries and also suggests a arrangement of action. Derek is impressed, yet when Alex beginning talking about how this surgical procedure will count in the direction of his future, Derek is annoyed the he"s not simply thinking about his patient and kicks him out. Alex is furious, yet Webber defines that he needs to start feeling the pleasure of fifth year and relish the possibility to execute surgeries while they can. Alex storms off to work-related on his paper, though.

That night, mark is talking to Sofia around his surgery (perfect bedtime story, right?) He it s okay a phone call from she moms who room worried about her but he insists everything"s fine. Only trouble is, when he turns ago Sofia has rolled off the sofa. The following day, the urges Alex to inspect her out because she hasn"t cry since and he"s fairly worried. Should have actually kept a far better eye on her then, eh Mark? Alex checks she out yet she"s absolutely fine, for this reason no must worry. Doesn"t stop mark fretting, though. Bless.

Owen"s unable to do a bit crazy and decided to remove all the furniture in his office. Bizarre. Still, Bailey"s pleased since it way she deserve to steal a lamp (though she"s quiet annoyed v Owen). Meanwhile, Greg"s found Keith"s ear (in the lost and also found, of all places), yet Keith"s an ext concerned around the TARDIS. When he discovers that Keith stole the he is fuming and also jumps forward. Bad move when you"ve acquired a neuro injury... That can"t move his feet or wiggle his toe now.

It"s all walk in the ER though, due to the fact that a man fed up v the convention-goers messing up his neighbourhood has thrown a beer bottle at a woman"s head. He"s in the hospital too and also he"s, well, a tiny moody. Carter"s turned up again too, mainly due to the fact that he desires to watch April. Alex refuses to recognize him, yet Carter"s a clever one and claims that he has actually chest pains so the Alex has no choice.

Alex start "treating" him, as lot as he deserve to for non-existent chest pains, but that bottle-thrower"s getting rather agitated together April speaks to him. Carter worries for she safety and with great reason, due to the fact that it"s not long before bottle-man is throwing nurses, equipment and also doctors the end of his way. Carter summons his hobbit strength and also decides to interference on his crutches - but gets knocked out and also stamped in the stomach. That takes Owen to advancement book an OR for a damaged jaw and also punch bottle-man ideal in the face prior to things calm down. Love his nonchalant transition of the tie afterwards. Soon, he"s the talk of the hospital.

Alex pages Webber so that he deserve to treat Carter in surgery (he knows Webber"s to be stuck for points to do). Alex doesn"t need any trauma hrs so that starts to leave, but Webber stop him. As they work, Webber supplies Alex his counsel and points the end that occasionally you don"t view the joyful component of life until it"s over. Well, this is it. Hmm, hand in a man"s human body - not sure that"s mine idea of joy, however whatever. Anyway, Carter goes into complications and also when Alex fixes that he is an extremely happy indeed. In fact, the confirms the he"s feeling the joy. Aww.

Meanwhile, Mark and Derek clash over whether to deal with Keith"s ear or neuro injuries first, however Jackson offers a solution and also impresses lock both. During the surgery, Ben complains around Derek telling him around Bailey and Eli, and also Derek invites him to his residence to take it it out on his deck. Nice. Jackson"s working away, but Mark speak him to move aside therefore he can show a procedure. Jackson"s rather frustrated due to the fact that he"s watched it double already, and also Derek uses the chance to let Jackson execute a little of brain surgery. Oo-er.

Afterwards, Jackson admits he wanted to help Mark v the procedure however Mark insists he"s no ready. Derek notices how frustrated Jackson is, and Jackson asks to come end to the deck together well. Soon, Owen, Ben and also Jackson space all venting madly about their various troubles - Owen, for one, has actually been called by the legal room he has to apologise come bottle-man - as they carry out a little bit of hammering and power-sawing. Manly.

The next day, Alex invites Jackson to check out Webber law a special stitch, yet Jackson has a skills lab through Bailey and April. The decides to acquire out the it making use of the "Mayfield" excuse, however this just makes April ridiculously uncomfortable and also Bailey laughs and laughs. As soon as Webber hears around what Jackson says, he"s additionally doubled up with the hilarity of that all. Meanwhile, Alex finishes his document and Webber snatches that to have a read.

Mark"s tho worrying about Sofia"s non-crying however Alex insists she"s fine and says she"s simply happy v her dad. Sure enough, when he pinches her she starts to bawl. Phew! Meanwhile, Jackson"s torn together he"s been available surgeries through both Mark and also Derek at the very same time. That asks note for permission to leave his surgery at an early stage as Derek will certainly let him take the lead and also it"s a an excellent opportunity. Note agrees it"s a huge chance and enables Jackson to sew Keith"s ear back on. Readjust of heart, perform we think?

Carter"s emotion a bit silly for acquisition on bottle-man, yet Alex reminds him the it to be heroic. The adds that April was impressed and also tells him all he requirements to carry out is to speak hello - April will perform the rest. The thing is, as soon as April congratulates that on his bravery, Carter blurts out that he was a hobbit. Cringe... April walks off in the nicest possible way, speak she doesn"t know what a hobbit is. But the girl that was struggle by a beer bottle is sitting beside Carter, and there"s plainly a spark once she criticises April for her hobbit ignorance. Bless.

Owen has no regrets about punching bottle man in the face, and tells him precisely that, daring him to sue. It"s all fairly thrilling, specifically when Owen cheerily grins: "Good luck v your recovery" in ~ the end. Meanwhile, Jackson and also Alex have resolved the definition of the "Mayfield" pardon - turns out Dr. Mayfield treats erectile dysfunction. Ouch. Oh, and Webber hands Alex his document back, saying it"s an excellent - however it"s extended in red markings.

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Elsewhere, Jackson walk a an excellent job on Keith"s ear, however Keith"s quiet furious the Greg sold his TARDIS. Greg describes that Keith has actually so lot stuff and also anyway, that TARDIS to be worth cash and Keith will have medical bills soon. He explains he marketed it for Keith"s sake and they make up and also it"s all friendly again. Hurrah!

Alex is taking Webber"s markings ~ above his record badly, therefore Jackson decides to take it him approximately Derek"s home with him. Alex apologises come Derek for being disrespectful, and also Derek hands him a hammer. But then note shows up and also announces that he won"t permit Derek steal Jackson far from him. It transforms out the Derek knew exactly how much Jackson expected to Mark because Mark was in reality teaching him, which that doesn"t do if he deserve to avoid it. Owen takes Sofia from Mark"s eight while they talk points through, and also Jackson at some point admits that if he needs to pick, he chooses plastics.

Then everyone starts chilling the end at Derek"s house, v Mark and also Derek talking v their issues. This is really sweet, since it"s clear mark feels like his friendship with Derek is being lost due to Owen. He asks if Derek argued Owen because that Chief, though Derek states he didn"t. However then Derek admits the he feels favor he"s shedding everything and also adds that he hasn"t called Owen any kind of of this. Aww, they"re besties really. The only trouble is that as soon as Owen come over through Sofia, who requirements changing, that knocks end a beer bottle and also it rolls under the deck. Transforms out, it"s not level. Oops...

There we room then - a pretty episode. Nothing really taken place to push the plot forward, but it was worth it because that the ethereal moments and also the lovely interactions in between the males - whether it was the paternal next of Webber, the macho banter in between Jackson and also Alex, or the solid friendship between Derek and Mark. And hey, it to be nice to view the guys in the spotlight because that once. Yet what will certainly come next week?

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