It's one of the Queen that Pop's many catchy songs, and it always makes us want to take a expedition to clear Spain and meet our own San Pedro.

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But what is the story behind Madonna's standard song? What or where is mountain Pedro? Here's all the fascinating facts behind 'La Isla Bonita'.

QUIZ: exactly how well do you recognize Madonna's lyrics?

What go 'La Isla Bonita' mean?

In situation you to be wondering, it's Spanish for 'The Beautiful Island'.

Now friend know!

Who wrote 'La Isla Bonita'?

Picture: Warner Bros

Madonna co-wrote the track with her regular collaborator Patrick Leonard, with added lyrics from Bruce Gaitsch.

The tune was created for Madonna's 3rd album True Blue in 1986.

Where is mountain Pedro and what influenced the song?

The city of san Pedro in the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize is assumed to be the main impetus behind the song.

However, Madonna later on told Rolling Stone: "I don't understand where mountain Pedro is. At the point, ns wasn't a person who walk on holidays come beautiful islands.

"I may have actually been ~ above the way to the studio and also seen an departure ramp for san Pedro."

She likewise described the song as she tribute come the "beauty and an enig of Latin American people".

Michael Jackson turn the song down


That's right, Patrick Leonard initially wrote this for Michael Jackson because that his Bad album, but Michael didn't like the title and also turned that down.

Leonard then offered it come Madonna, that rewrote some of the lyrics.

However, Michael was only offered a demo version with just an instrumental rather than the lyrics. We'd love to have actually heard his take it on it!

Where to be the music video filmed?

The video clip was collection in Los Angeles, and was directed by mar Lambert, who also directed various other Madonna videos consisting of 'Borderline', 'Like a Virgin' and 'Like a Prayer'.

Actor Benicio del Toro shows up in the video as a background character, play a teenager sitting on a automobile hood.

Madonna plays 2 different personalities in the video: a short-haired Catholic woman and also a flamboyant Flamenco dancer.

How walk it do in the charts?

'La Isla Bonita' peaked in ~ number four in the US, do it she 11th continuous top-five hit, a feat surpassed only by the Beatles and also Elvis Presley.

In the UK, it was Madonna's fourth number one single, and also sold end 450,000 copies.

It was additionally a number one in Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Iceland, Poland and Switzerland.

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Who has actually covered it?

Surprisingly, Madonna wasn't actually the first person to release it together a single! netherlands singer Micaela had already put out a cover variation of the song in 1986, peaking in ~ number 25 in the Netherlands.

Other consists include:

- Ricky martin (in Glee) - clock it above!- Britney Spears (sampled in 'Love 2 Love U')- Alizée- Jonathan Wilson