The bearded dragon has become one that the most popular reptilian pets. They are generally considered to it is in laid-back and calm pets. They space energetic and lively as soon as exploring, which lock enjoy, but they can be rather docile and also even loving once they room spending time through their human. Castle do have some unique quirks, however. Lock are infamous for your head bobbing, and also many moustache dragons will wave in ~ you, at other pets, at various other bearded dragons the share your cage, and even in ~ the reflection of themselves. Below, you can learn what waving look at like, what that means, and also what activity you should take if any.

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What Is Waving?

Waving shows up exactly as the surname suggests. The beardie lifts his eight in the air and also rotates it in a sluggish circular motion. That will normally repeat the motion, and he may change to wave through his various other arm. It’s cute, the looks friendly, and also many owner treat it as a greeting through responding through a tide back. It is a slow and also methodical movement and also most that us uncover it amusing, at the very least at first, but then we often tend to question whether the is normal habits or whether it is a authorize that miscellaneous is wrong.

It’s Not simply A Hearty Greeting

There are miscellaneous reasons why your beardie can be waving. Unfortunately, the is never ever really a greeting or simply a friendly way to to speak hello when you go into a room.

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It might not be a an adverse thing, either, and also the an essential to recognizing the reason for your beardie’s waving is the context. A beardie waving in ~ you as soon as you obtain near the cage could be very different come him waving at one more beardie in his cage, or waving at his reflection.

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