If you check out your cat winking at you it may mean that she trusts you and also she’s comfortable and also safe once she is through you. However, it could additionally mean the she has actually an eye epidemic or it might be her method of saying “Thank you for the treat/snack/toy”.

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What does it median when a cat winks in ~ you?

Cats space sociable animals and also they can likewise manifest loyalty and affection to their pet parents. Castle have specific behaviors that humans find peculiar yet if us take the moment to know it us realize that it’s simply their method of connecting with us. Take for instance, when your pet cat winks at you.

If she a first-time cat owner, you would be a tiny confused or girlfriend may even think the your cat is a small naughty. For us, humans, a wink is a gesture of being flirtatious or naughtiness. So, what go it mean when a cat winks at you?

Here are several of the typical reasons why a cat winks at you:

It is a cat’s means of communicating her trust and also affection come you

If you notification that your cat is winking at you then you should be glad for yourself due to the fact that it way that she trusts you and she’s comfortable, happy, and safe in your presence. For cat parents, this is a good milestone considering that sometimes cats have tendency to be aloof and indifferent. Dr. Gary Weitzman, author of the book “How come Speak Cat”, declared that a cat’s wink is a authorize of friendship and trust.

Similarly, yes a slim variation come this cat behavior, the slow-moving blink, i beg your pardon is likewise often described as a cat or kitty kiss. As soon as a cat blinks, i m sorry is come close both she eyes, it means she’s reflecting love to you and she’s comfortable and relaxed. This is additionally standard communication between cats in the wild as soon as they trust each other and also when they watch that another cat no pose any type of threat or danger.

It could be as result of their nictitating membrane

Cats have actually a third eyelid referred to as the nictitating membrane which is translucent and also moves diagonally indigenous the eye’s inside corner and up across it to maintain the moistness. It help cover the eye while enabling the cat to see due to the fact that it’s semi-transparent. The membrane moves fairly fast and we hardly ever see cats blink making use of it. However, there are times that among the eye may come to be drier contrasted to the other or there may be a trapped strand or hair which makes cats blink v their continual eyelids. As a result, if cats just blink one eye to remove a international particle, it may show up that castle winking at you.

It can be that she has an eye epidemic or eye problem

If her cat winks in ~ you at certain times of the job or if you notification that she constantly doing it climate you have to be wary as it might be a authorize of one eye infection or eye problem. You may try to evaluate it yourself or friend should bring your cat come the vet at once for ideal diagnosis and also treatment.

Here’s a perform of some typical eye problems among cats:

1. Conjunctivitis or pink eye – yes sir an inflammation in the mucous membrane the lines both the eyeball’s outer part and the eyelid’s inner component and usually resulted in by a famous or bacterial infection

Symptoms: gray, yellow, eco-friendly or rusty red eye-colored discharge; the inner eye is swollen or reddish; may influence one or both eyes; sneezing and nasal discharge

2. Other varieties of eye epidemic – this may be led to by bacteria, virus, mushroom or parasites

Symptoms: rubbing and also squinting; redness and swelling; sneezing; eye and also nasal discharge

3. Allergies and also irritation – these space usually resulted in by irritants like strong perfume, cleaning chemicals, tobacco, dust, and smoke.

Symptoms: itchy and watery eyes; rubbing; squinting; redness and also discharge

4. Corneal ulcer – sores in the eye’s surface which could result in a cloudy appearance in the affected component of the eye

Symptoms: rubbing and squinting; eye pain; redness and also discharge

5. Glaucoma – a serious problem caused by push in the eye because of excess fluid buildup; this should be treated immediately to avoid blindness

Symptoms: eye rubbing and squinting; crying as result of pain; eyes room runny, cloudy, and also reddened

6. Cataract – a condition where a cloudy area establishes on the eye lens and blocks the irradiate from reaching the ago of the eyes leading to vision loss or blindness.

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Symptoms: a cloudy and also milky eye appearance; will certainly only display symptoms in the advanced stage; might also result in weight loss and excessive thirst and urination if connected with diabetes mellitus

Common eye language amongst cats and what the means

Here space other typical cat eye language that us normally notification among our pet cats:

fully open up eyes – it may mean her cat is alert and giving something her attentionhalf-closed eye – it might mean your cat is sleepy, contented and also may likewise mean the your cat trusts youdilated or broadening pupils – it may mean her cat feels fear or aggressive excitement; that may additionally mean she nervous, submissive or excited to watch you, a feline buddy, food, or toyconstricted or small pupils – it might mean she’s angry but may likewise mean she’s confident, contented, or calmdirect eye contact – it may mean aggression and may typical she’s sizing girlfriend up; for cats, direct eye call is threatening and hostiledirect stare along with large pupils – her cat might be visually taking in as much information as she canavoiding eye call with another cat- it may mean she has a familiar intention towards another


If your cat looks and also winks in ~ you then you’re one fortunate pet parent because it probably method that she trusts you and also she feels comfortable and also secured through you. However, be wary if your cat continuously does it also though she’s just lounging in her favourite nook. The winking may likewise be because of her nictitating membrane or she might be suffering an eye infection in which situation you should carry her come the vet at once for instant action.