It can be frightening if you dream that you are being kidnapped. It could lead you to believe that there are negative vibes in the air. However, it isn’t always so. A dream about being kidnapped (see also getting raped dream meaning) can show you how to confront your fears and whatever else is stopping you from making changes in your life.

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What it Means to Dream of Being Kidnapped

If you dream that you have been kidnapped, it can be an unpleasant experience. You will probably feel scared, not knowing what is going to happen. If you are being held hostage, it can be even more frightening. To relate this to your waking life, it could mean that you are trapped in a situation you can’t get out of. Perhaps you are in a relationship that is going nowhere, but for some reason, you are not strong enough to end it. Alternatively, you could be in a work situation where you are being bullied but are afraid to stand up to these people or to go out into the world to look for a better job. On the other hand, if you have been kidnapped in your dream, you may feel betrayed by someone close to you or that you are being manipulated by somebody. Another alternative is that one aspect of your personality is controlling another. Perhaps your fear of being judged by other people is stopping you from being your true self. If you dream that it is your partner who has been kidnapped, it can mean that you are feeling insecure about that relationship. If the person kidnapped is someone you don’t know it can indicate that you are feeling trapped or worried about hidden emotions.In the end, the dream depends on your emotional state. If you are feeling low, then the dream can be more pessimistic. However, if you feel at peace with the world, the dream can mean that you are strong enough to overcome all challenges.

Kidnapping Dreams May Mean You Feel Out of Control

If you are kidnapped, you are being taken by force and against your will. This in itself indicates that you don’t feel in control of your life. If you dream about being kidnapped, it can mean that you feel as if you are unable to control a situation and are feeling anxious. Perhaps you have just got married and although you love your partner, you now have to make decisions as a couple. You are no longer in charge of your life. 
Here is a list of situations which could be giving you kidnapping dreamsInability to control your childrenInability to give up an addictionBeing unable to manage your finances and seeing debts mount upAn insecure work environmentReckless behavior by either you or someone close to you

Insecurity or Vulnerability

There are many reasons why we could be feeling insecure or vulnerable. Someone close to you might have died and you could be wondering how you will be able to get through life without this person. Perhaps you are starting a new job and are feeling worried that your talents may not be recognized and whether or not you will be able to do the work satisfactorily. Maybe you are unsure about your appearance and think that others may consider you ugly. Perhaps somebody is bullying you and you don’t know how to stop this. You could be afraid of going into school or work because of this bully. Sometimes you will be feeling as if you can’t get rid of this feeling of insecurity. A kidnapping dream can be telling you that you must try and turn your weaknesses into strengths. Stand up to that bully, dress smartly and walk out with pride, and allow yourself time to grieve if someone has died. 

Safety and Security

Usually home is our haven. This is where we feel safe and secure. However, sometimes things happen which stops us from feeling safe and this can manifest itself in a kidnapping dream. Perhaps your home has been broken into and items of sentimental value have been taken. Maybe you are unable to pay the mortgage and feel as if you are going to lose your home. Perhaps someone has stolen your car from the driveway. A criminal who has been released from jail might have moved into your area. Someone might have hacked into your computer. It can be distressing to realize that there isn’t really a way you can protect yourself completely from outside forces. This can lead to dreams of being kidnapped. You have to try and overcome this state of mind and not think of yourself as a victim. Yes, it can be hard but try to think of yourself as a survivor. Try to learn how to cope with stressful situations and most importantly, try to stay calm.

Common Kidnapping Dreams and Examples

There are many different types of kidnapping dreams and here we’ll look at some of them and attempt to help you cope and understand what they mean.

A Dream of Getting Kidnapped Where You are the Victim

This dream usually indicates that you feel out of control of something in your life. You have to decide what it is and try to remedy the situation. It could be that you have been spending too much and your finances are in a precarious position, Perhaps you have been reckless in some area of your life and now the consequences are coming back to haunt you. Quite often you will be kidnapped by a person you know, and this can indicate that you have a problem with that person. Perhaps they are trying to put you down and are sapping your confidence. If you are kidnapped by someone you don’t know, it isn’t always negative. It can mean that parts of your personality are trying to influence your behavior. They might not be good influences, so it is time to let them go. You have the ability to take control of your life.

Dreams of Being Kidnapped and Tortured

If you dream that you are being tortured by your kidnapper this can reflect the pain you are suffering by not being able to control some situation in your life, be it personal or work-related. It is quite likely that you will experience this type of dream if you have been attacked or after a loved one has died. If you are experiencing too many of these types of dreams after a traumatic event, it might help if you spoke to a professional. It can be too overwhelming to deal with something like this on your own. Alternatively, if you find yourself tortured or harassed in a dream, it can mean that you are feeling helpless. Someone in your waking life is stronger than you and trying to manipulate you. It is time to stand up to this person. You are just as good as them. 

Dreams About a Child Being Kidnapped

If you dream about your child being kidnapped, it can mean that you are worried about the future of this child. Perhaps he or she hasn’t been performing well at school or is disruptive and is a bully. You may feel that you are unable to control your child and that you have very little say in the way he or she behaves. Often this sort of dream indicates that you feel that you aren’t a good parent. Maybe you feel as if you are being judged by other parents and they don’t approve of the way you look after your children.Mothers can often dream that their daughter has been kidnapped. This means that they feel as if they are not bringing up their daughters properly. Perhaps your own mother made mistakes and you don’t want to make the same ones. To dream that your child has been kidnapped is common. You don’t need to worry that this will happen in real life. It just reflects the fear you have about your child’s safety. There is so much danger out there, but you need to remain calm and not stifle your child because you are afraid. They have to experience life and you can only do so much. Yes, you can stay vigilant, but give them enough space to grow.If you don’t have children of your own, but still dream of a child being kidnapped (see also losing a child in a crowd dream meaning), it can mean that you have insecurities which you are afraid of.Alternatively, your child might have a dream about being kidnapped. It can be very frightening for him or her so talk through the dream with them. Reassure them that it is just a dream and it doesn’t mean that it will come true. 

Dream of Kidnapping a Baby

Babies are small and vulnerable so if you dream about one being kidnapped even if you haven’t got a baby, it can symbolize your insecurities. Perhaps nobody cares about how you are feeling or maybe you are feeling uneasy about things going on around you. You may feel helpless and unable to cope with life as it is. If, on the other hand, you dream that you are kidnapping a baby, it could be that you are desperate to have a baby, but it’s just not happening. If you have delivered a stillborn baby or have had a miscarriage, the dream could mean that you feel as if your baby was stolen from you. If you have had an abortion, you may also dream about a baby being kidnapped. You could be finding it hard to accept and deal with what you have done. Perhaps you feel guilty and wish you hadn’t gone through with it.

Dreams of Being Kidnapped by Someone you Know

If you dream that you are being kidnapped by someone that you know, it could mean that you don’t trust that person. Perhaps they have tried to control you and you haven’t been able to stop this behavior. Maybe they have ulterior motives as, for example, if they have tried to force you to agree to a work decision that you haven’t been able to stop. You need to take a good look at the relationship between you and that person. Is the other person controlling and aggressive towards you? Do they make you feel as if everything you do is wrong? It can even go further to the extent that you worry this person is going to harm you, either physically or mentally. If you do feel like this, especially if it is your partner in the dream, it might be time to reach out to a domestic abuse hotline.

Dreams Involving Celebrities Similar to Scary Movies or TV Shows You’ve Watched

If you have watched a scary movie which has made you feel afraid, it isn’t surprising if you have a nightmare. Perhaps you might see one thing in a movie and something else in another which combine into a truly horrific scene. It’s not surprising if this surfaces as a dream where you are being kidnapped. To dream about a celebrity being kidnapped indicates that there is someone in your life that you are not completely in touch with. On the other hand, it could be that you are watching too much TV and that you should spend more time with the people in your everyday life. If you dream about a pop star being kidnapped it can mean that you need to spend more time working on your communication skills.If your dream reminds you of a particular TV show, it could be that it is time to focus on happier times that make you feel safe.

What it Means to Dream of a Ransom Note

If you dream about being kept hostage and a ransom note being sent to your loved ones it can mean that you are feeling trapped in a relationship or that you are being pushed into doing things you would rather not be doing. Alternatively, it can mean that you feel that you are not good at negotiating. Perhaps an important part of your job is to hammer out problems but you feel that you are not doing this well. You could also be in a situation where somebody is trying to make you do something you don’t want to do. You feel manipulated and that all they want to do is to take something from you. It could be either physical or mental. Ransom note dreams can have a lot of meanings if we look at them more closely. If you notice that the ransom note is written in a particular color, it could be an extra indication of what the dream means, for example, if the letters are green, that indicates jealousy. Are you jealous of someone or is somebody jealous of you? Sometimes what is asked in a ransom note can give you a clue as to what the dream is about. If the note asks for a large sum of money it could be that you are worried about your finances and are not sure if you can pay all your bills. Perhaps you are worried that you are not earning enough money to support your family. There may easily be numbers in your dream about a ransom note. If, for example, the note asks for a ransom of 4 million dollars, the 4 means that your fears are affecting your security and stability. It is time to confront these fears. If number 2 comes up, it represents cooperation and peace. It is time to make peace with the people you have been at odds with. 

Dreaming That You Kidnap Someone

If you dream that you are the kidnapper, it is a whole different ball game. It means that you subconsciously want to have more power be it over people at work or over your partner. There might be someone who you want to dominate.To dream that you kidnap someone can also mean that you feel powerless in a situation. Maybe you want your child to go to university, but he or she wants to get a job and won’t be swayed. You want to change their mind, but it seems impossible. Alternatively, if you dream that you are kidnapping someone it can mean that you are forcing somebody in your waking life to do something they don’t want to do. This can be dangerous and if you feel that you could harm somebody, it might be time to seek mental help from a professional. It could be very dangerous if you acted on these feelings.Another reason why you might dream that you are the kidnapper is that in real life you are trying to force someone to do what they don’t want to do. This dream really isn’t positive, and it signifies that you should take a look at your motives in waking life. You shouldn’t be trying to gain control over people against their will. Just remember that it is illegal to kidnap someone, and although you might not do this in your waking life, even thinking about controlling someone in this way is not a good thing. You need to take a few breaths and calm down even if someone is really upsetting you.

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Scary Dreams are an Opportunity to Better Understand Yourself

Just because you have a scary dream about being kidnapped, it doesn’t mean that the dream isn’t helpful. It can warn you about dangers around you and friends who will try to manipulate you. These dreams give you a chance to pull yourself together and face up to challenges. You are worth more than this manipulation and it is up to you to stand up to the people who are trying to belittle you.If you dream that someone has kidnapped you, the best thing to do is to think about which situations in your waking life are making you feel out of control. If you are working in a job where your boss doesn’t treat you with respect and your co-workers are rude to you, perhaps it is time to find a new job, or even better, stand up to them. You just need to have faith in your abilities. Is there a way that you can handle these co-workers to make them respect you? Can you face up to your boss and tell him that you are doing your best? If this doesn’t go anywhere, keep faith in your abilities, and look for a better position. You need to make a stressful situation less stressful and it is completely within your control to do this, just believe that you deserve better. To dream about being kidnapped can make you feel lost and scared, but there’s no need to feel like this. It gives you an eye-opener into your mind and the way you are feeling. Perhaps you are frightened by the dream but sit back and think about the dream logically. If you are being kidnapped by someone you know, it easily means that you feel that you are being manipulated by that person. There is plenty you can do to stop this in its tracks. Just stop letting that person have one up on you. If it is a friend, you can always end that friendship. If it is a work colleague, go and see your boss with new ideas which can impress him or her. If you are being kidnapped by a stranger, part of your subconscious is afraid that this person may try and do damage to you, but because you don’t know him or her, you will be afraid. Pull yourself together and show a strong personality in the world so that nobody can take advantage of you. It is not the end of the world to dream that you have been kidnapped and have lost control of your everyday life. It is a sign that you can overcome the problems you are faced with. Just think positively and all will be well.