Sometimes the feels favor the military has a language every its own made totally of acronyms and also abbreviations. And while your company member is more than likely fluent in this strange tongue, you might need a small help to store up.

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Military acronyms: The basics for new recruits

AAFES: Army and Air force Exchange Service. The retailer the operates post exchanges top top Army and Air force installations.

AIT or “A School”: advanced individual training. The hands-on career training and also field instruction each company member receives before being qualified to perform a details military job. This committed schooling varies by armed forces branch.

ASVAB: armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. A multiple-choice test a prospective recruit takes before enlisting to watch if they space qualified to join and which military work they qualified for.

DOD: room of Defense. The room of the U.S. Government responsible for army operations.

MEPS: military Entrance processing Station. Where business members take the ASVAB, acquire a physical, pick their armed forces job and swear in.

MOS: armed forces occupational specialty. This is a organization member’s details job in the military, from artillery and aviation come engineering and intelligence.

OPSEC: work Security. The procedure of identifying and also protecting information around military operations.

PT: physical training. Key to military readiness, service members will be expected to accomplish fitness criter throughout their enlistment.

PX: write-up Exchange. A keep at a army installation that sells merchandise and services to army personnel and authorized civilians.

Military acronyms: Chain of command

CO: Commanding officer. The officer in charge of a army unit, such together captain for a agency (Army) and squadron commander because that a squadron of aircraft (Air Force).

JSC: share Chiefs of Staff. A group of an elderly military leaders who advise the president, the Secretary the Defense, the Homeland protection Council and the nationwide Security council on armed forces matters.

NCO: Noncommissioned officer. A army officer who has actually not received a commission, such as sergeant (Army) and also warrant officer (Navy).

XO: executive, management officer. The second-in-command to a commanding officer.

Military acronyms: MilLife paperwork

BRS: mixed Retirement System. The military’s brand-new retirement system, i m sorry extends benefits to about 85% of service members, even if lock don’t offer a full 20 years. This system uses the Thrift Savings arrangement described below.

DEERS: Defense Enrollment Eligibility reporting System. A database of army families and also others licensed has been granted to receive TRICARE and also other benefits.

LES: Leave and also Earning Statement. This bimonthly statement reports what you’ve earned, how much has actually been withheld for taxes, her leave balance and what allotments you have. Company members in the Air force or military may choose to receive their salary monthly, in which situation the LES would certainly be reported only when a month instead of twice.

POC: allude of contact. The person you contact about a specific program or assignment.

TRICARE: army health care program. TRICARE gives health benefits to business members, retirees and also their families.

TSP: Thrift save Plan. Comparable to a 401(k), the TSP is a government-sponsored retirement savings and investment plan. The TSP is a an essential part the the military’s brand-new Blended Retirement System, defined above.

Military acronyms: Finance and housing

BAH: basic Allowance for Housing. Compensation service members receive to cover the cost of housing when federal government quarters room not provided.

COLA: price of living Allowance. Compensation organization members receive to balance out the expense of life in an ext expensive areas of the U.S.

OHA: Overseas real estate Allowance. Compensation business members get for housing outside the U.S. When federal government quarters no available.

POC: Privately own Conveyance. A service member’s personal vehicle that is no owned through the government.

Military acronyms: Locations

CONUS/OCONUS: The continental U.S., or CONUS, is the 48 connected states and District that Columbia. OCONUS is exterior the continent U.S.

DITY: Do-It-Yourself, or a personal procured move, which deserve to save a company member a lot of money moving. This is often associated with moving throughout a permanent adjust of station.

FOB: Forward operation base. A temporary, secured operational position that support strategic goals and tactical objectives.

PCS: Permanent change of station. The relocation of an active-duty company member to a various duty location. Organization members might PCS every few years.

PPM: personal Procured Move. A move a organization member plans and also conducts on their own, rather of having the army do it. PPM expenses may it is in reimbursed by the military.

TDY: temporary duty station. A short-term assignment in ~ a ar other than a organization member’s permanent duty station.

Military acronyms: business branch evaluations

EER: Enlisted testimonial Report. The evaluation kind used to document the performance of enlisted members the the Army.

EPR: Enlisted power Report. The evaluation form used to record the power of enlisted members that the waiting Force.

FITREP: Fitness Report. The evaluation form the marine Corps and Navy provided to document the performance of officers and also enlisted members. Evaluations are called Chief EVALS or EVALS, relying on rank.

OER: Officer review Report. The evaluation type used to record the power of officers in the Army.

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OPR: Officer power Report. The evaluation form used to record the performance of policemans in the air Force.

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