Origin that Fit together a Fiddle

Nowadays, fit means healthy. However, in the previous fit meant fitting, together in something the is well suited for a certain purpose.

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Fiddle way violin, however in the past, it additionally had the connotation of gift something very positive. Therefore, in the past, to compare something to a fiddle was a way to compliment it.

The expression fit as a fiddle was a method to say that something was correct or proper. It very first started showing up around the year 1600. Over time, the meaning changed come its current type today.

Examples of Fit together a Fiddle

In the listed below example, two high college students usage the idiom come talk about their brand-new Year’s resolutions.

Lisa: i’m going to begin dieting and exercising more. Maybe you should do the same.

Jackie: Why? i’m fit together a fiddle!

Lisa: You may feel healthy, but if you never ever exercise, your wellness won’t last forever.

Jackie: I’ll take into consideration it.

In this example, a man who think he is a an excellent sports player is challenged with a various reality.

Seth: i can’t think that i was the critical one liked to it is in on the team!

Jimmy: it was most likely just poor luck.

Seth: I’ve to be the critical one favored every week because that the past two years.

Jimmy: Oh, then perhaps not.

Seth: at first, I assumed if I functioned out more people would check out that i was fit together a fiddle, and also then choose me.

Jimmy: walk they?

Seth: Nope.

Jimmy: Well, being healthy and also being great at sports room two various things.

Seth: That’s not really helping.

More Examples

In this instance of the expression, a man who is 105 years old describes his health as that prepares come entera race.

In our 2nd excerpt, a woman describes her perceived health before she had actually a stroke.

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The expression fit together a fiddle is another way to explain someone that is in excellent health.


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