Blue Ivy Carter, the newborn baby of musician Beyonce and also Jay-Z, is just a couple of job old, but illuminati, Satanist and also Freemasonry conspiracy theories are currently being hatched around the young child. Photo: REUTERS
Blue Ivy Carter, the newborn baby of musicians Beyonce and Jay-Z, is only a pair of work old, yet illuminati, Satanist and Freemasonry conspiracy theory are already being hatched about the young child.

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There is a rich history of optimal musicians being targeted by such rumors, but the stakes room exceptionally high in the instance of Blue Ivy Carter, who is the daughter of popular music music"s reigning king and also queen.

The most prominent of the conspiracy theories, i m sorry spread like wildfire (no pun intended) across the web after the girl"s Saturday birth to be announced end the weekend has its roots in Satanism and also related studies.

This concept alleges the Blue Ivy is a reworking of the name Eulb Yvi, i beg your pardon Twitter users and other conspiracy philosophers allege is the surname of Satan"s daughter, though there has been no evidence to prove together a concept.

Jay-Z & Beyonce named their daughter Ivy Blue, Ivy Blue = Eulb Yvi, which to be the surname of lucifer"s daughter in latin ! Twitter user MrZou posted Sunday, perpetuating the story.

Another unbacked theory cases that numerology defines an occult or illuminati connection between Blue Ivy Carter and Satanism.

Ivy (position in alphabet) - I=9 V=22 Y=25 - 2+2+2+5=11 - 11x9=99 - upper and lower reversal 99 round and include another 6 and also you gain 666 :O #Illuminati, Tweeted
Merkzbeatbox so late Saturday evening.

The nearly-incomprehensible theory has likewise been difficult to prove, and also just adds to hype bordering the birth of Jay and Beyonce"s first child.

Twitter user Jothebarbarian went also further, insinuating erroneously that Beyonce"s pregnancy was method shorter 보다 usual, and also that together a claim suggests that the birth is linked with the illuminati.

Is the me or was bey only pregnant for like 3 mo"s before givin birth? #illuminati ? Jothebarbarian asked.

In the end there is no evidence of together a conspiracy, yet the rumours space sure to save coming together excitement continues around Jay-Z and also Beyonce"s child daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

Celebrity news site GlobalGrind explained the definition behind Blue Ivy Carter, saying Blue is a tribute come Jay-Z"s who has actually had major hits through albums named Blueprint. Blue additionally contains 4 letters, and Beyonce has a fondness because that the number follow to the site, which included that blue to represent the heavens and also symbolizes inspiration, sincerity and also spirituality.

The site describes that Ivy comes from the plant, which symbolizes eternity, and that Greek and Romans have held the plant in high esteem because that its longevity and also hardiness.

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Good Morning America stated Jay and also Beyonce chose Ivy because they have a preference for the number for, as in the Roman character IV.