Looking up in dictionary I found that bello and also bella are concerned beauty. Quiet the noun is

bello: individuo di particolare fascino.

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But I"ve heard that in a context that I would just interpret like guy or girl or man. I"ve heard human being who call unknowns "grazie bella" or "grazie bello".

Is that typical without even know each other? has there the connotation of beautiful been lost?

Both as an adjective and a noun, bello method of course “beautiful (person)”. But, together you have actually noticed, that is being offered (increasingly?) together a generic appellative, in probably not a dissimilar means from English forms such together British “luv”, i m sorry is not used simply to mean that one “loves” the person being addressed.

There is likewise a various use the bella! (only in the feminine form) together a «Saluto amichevole, usato diffusamente anche per esprimere consenso o intesa o come semplice intercalare» («Friendly greeting, also widely offered to express agreement or mutual understanding, or just as a share phrase»), as identified in Ambrogio & Casalegno, Scrostati gaggio!, wonderful dictionary of slang and also youth languages.


In the film "High Society" ice Crosby says to the really young sister that his previous wife (Grace Kelly) "Hello Beautiful". That"s one means we use "bello" and also "bella" in Italy. In this case it shows more affection 보다 actual evaluation of beauty. There room others, the course. At some point they are simply compliments (not have to true ...). Periodically they are supplied for teasing.


"Che belle persone" can easily analyze into "what great people" no physically, yet by nature: "belli" favor "goodhearted". Growing up through sdrta.net together my first language, "bello/bella" was offered a lot, an ext as a term of endearment. That was likewise used lovingly or in respect/appreciation.



Ciao Bella can be used when talking v friends. Women use it talk to your female friends. I view it as a ax of endearment.

Besides as an adjective and noun, Bella is a also female name, following are an ext details around it.

It is the short type of names finishing in -bella, such as Isabella and Annabella.

Bella is additionally a famous name related to the sdrta.net and Latin words because that beautiful, as well as the French word “Belle” – i m sorry also means beautiful! So, it is a beautiful name by an interpretation :)

Although the name came from Italy originally, it has actually now been embraced all end the civilization including the USA, Australia & The U.K. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0E7L8Ahxus4(I made the video)

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