Bane of Arthropods is a distinctive enemy damage-focused enchantment the will reason weapons come deal more damage towards arthropod mobs or spider enemies. Adversaries that fall under the arthropod classification include the following.

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SpidersCave SpidersBeesSilverfishEndermites

This enchantment will additionally cause this enemy species to get slowness IV with a one-second duration that will increase with the level the the enchantment.

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Overall, ban of Arthropods is a valuable enchantment if you plan on do a spider farm, in any type of other case, it"s no recommended to use the enchantment. The key reason is that it will cause the following enchantments to come to be incompatible with the item you enchant the on to.


These enchantments room far much more useful 보다 Ban of Arthropods as they have the right to deal an ext damage to every mobs species in the game. Nonetheless, if you want this enchantment, friend can get it with the adhering to methods.

FishingEnchanting tableTradingLooting Chests

Starting with fishing, if you have actually a fishing pole enchanted through luck that the sea and lure enchantments, there"s a an excellent chance friend can get enchanted publications with that - one of these may additionally be the half of Arthropods enchantment, therefore it"s always worth trying it.

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However, you could be far better off trying to enchant books via an enchanting table and also Lapis Lazuli. Past that, looting dungeon chests, and also checking villagers, and also trading emeralds when they have the book is an additional option.

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