Omnia vincit amor is among the most renowned of every Latin expres­sions. That is likewise one that the most used ones quiet today, both in the orig­i­nal Latin, in trans­la­tion and in that is famil­iar “altered” ver­sion Amor vincit omnia.

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We listen the phrase in wed­ding speech­es, we check out it tat­tooed top top men and women all over the world.Every oth­er author through­out his­to­ry has actually used it, para­phrased that or trans­lat­ed it. It has actually been used as publication titles, together mot­toes, it has actually turned right into songs and films, jew­el­ry, post­cards and also fridge magnets.

Publius’Pastoral Poem

The expres­sion Omnia vincit amor orig­i­nal­ly comes from the roman inn poet Vir­gil, or Pub­lius Vergilius Maro. Vir­gil was born the 15th of Octo­ber 70 B.C in Andes, component of mod­ern Pietole, close to Man­tua in Italy. The is most well known for his cool epos the Aenid.

The expression Omnia vincit amor, how­ev­er springs native his first work, Bucol­i­ca or Eclogae.


The roman inn ide­al to be a type of hero, but with­out the hap­py feeling of adven­ture and also youth­ful­ness. It was a heav­ier ide­al, a seri­ous hero. (Wis­trand, p.60)

Vergil’s Veritas

Per­haps there was no war between love and also duty in ~ all, per­haps the rela­tion­ship v love was sim­ple, per­haps Vir­gil put the desire and also belief of all of Rome right into the mouth of Gal­lus as he defies gods and rea­son in Bucol­i­ca through his refuse of san­i­ty declar­ing loudly:

“Omnia vincit amor”

– Love con­quersall!

We will nev­erknow.

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