When we think about licking or sucking a penis, we might be thinking about the pleasure our partner is walk to obtain out the the experience. But how frequently are we really moral with ourselves about the most straightforward of every issues: what does a penis taste like?

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Much choose with anything rather we put in our mouth, the taste is going to vary. And also this can depend mainly on the critical time lock showered, if they to be exercising, what time the year it is, and especially what lock have eaten that day. Every little thing they will placed in their body will influence their taste, and generally, guys with a diet rich in fruit room going to get better taste reviews than those who are hefty carnivores or smokers. Score one because that the vegetarian diet!

Things that additionally determine taste? What castle wore that day or even if they room circumcised! The seasonings you find funky might be delicious to another. And also to that end, there is a lot of of variety in the answer we received to this question!

So, ladies, what does a cock taste favor to you?

1. A set of candy wax lips

"My husband"s piece constantly tastes choose those wax lips the we offered to chomp on together kids. Waxy is the keyword, but also fresh and an extremely smooth."

2. Breakfast meat

"It shows up to be unrealistic; however, there"s certainly a clue of firm flame broiled sausage to mine beau"s penis. I"ve typically been crazy for tasty breakfast sustenance, so ns plant my challenge in his groin each shot ns get. He supposes I"m a goddess the a sweetheart, clearly."

3. A funky scent


"There is nothing worse that funky smell dick. It"s a common misconception that uncircumcised penis smells worse 보다 those that are circumcised. Males with uncircumcised penises have an ext to clean and also pay closer attention to than most men who room circumcised."

4. The depends

"All dicks taste different. Not to obtain into too lot detail, however if a dude states he doesn"t eat vegetables, don"t punch him. In fact, ns recommend a diet high in fruits and also vegetables to every dudes who desire blowjobs."

5. Towel or clothing

"To me, it"s always tasted salty and also fabricky. In a way, the tastes prefer their clothes."

6. Nothing in ~ all


"But really, it"s favor nothing. Tasting favor nothing is hope the goal anyway, right?"

7. Favor meat, yet not just one kind

"I"ve been with my husband for 12 years currently so ns can"t remember every the blowjobs I"ve given. But I have the right to tell you there"s no continual flavor in between them all. It"s prefer meat: Beef doesn"t taste favor pork i m sorry doesn"t taste like chicken. "

8. Dead, rotting fish

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"In the summer ALL penises taste prefer a dumpster complete of fish dead body left out to rot in the warm sun and need to be avoided uneven they room in the 1-hour post-shower buffer zone or hosted in a climate-controlled sort of situation."

9. Rubber


"Like a rubber doll that was stored in a pickle factory."

10. Salted cheese

"When it"s good, it tastes like sweet musky fragrant skin. As soon as not good, the tastes choose salty cheesy feet."

11. Soap

"I really favor freshly showered penis, so the penis I"m v (ahem, mine husband"s) tends to taste favor Dove guys + care Extra Fresh human body Wash."

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