I to be not certain what a joke has to do here, yet anyway, a concern is a question. This is a hoax which answer expects a pun or a play through words. The answer come this joke is: "Checking account" when somebody asks girlfriend what carry out you speak to drawing squares on Dracula girlfriend answer: check account since Dracula to be a Count, and also the sound produced by saying together " a count" is the same as "account".A check account is a deposit account held at a financial college that allows withdrawals and deposits. Also called demand accounts or transactional accounts, check accounts are very liquid and also can be accessed using checks, automated novelist machines and electronic debits, among other methods.This joke makes recommendation to this renowned kind of financial institution account.

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Jammed at a difficultquestion?Don"t worry. We"ve gained your back. Every person we satisfy knows something us don"t.ask us probably we know.