i think there need to be a an excellent word for this, however can"t think of what it could be.

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Harmony and also Melody space pieces that it, beat appears simplistic, Instrumentation appears too scientific and also dull.

Any Ideas?



Instrumentals — TFDplural noun of instrumental

It"s really commonly offered to describe music (minus the lyrics)

noun MusicA composition because that one or much more instruments, normally without vocal accompaniment.

"the opening song is an instrumental"

adjective MusicPerformed top top or created for an instrument.

"They played instrumental music in ~ the wedding.""an instrumental version that a song"

Or called backing tracks, karaoke, etc.

For additional reading, here"s a quote indigenous a highly-upvoted and accepted answer to a similar concern on ELL:

Instrumental can mean two things:

a "karaoke" version through the vocals removed; or

a song which was written without vocals in the very first place.

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From both the legal and writing procedure standpoints, the materials that consist of a song (by "song" I median a musical item that contains vocals, and also may (often) encompass other musical instruments that accompany the vocals, with the vocals virtually always including words in a certain language) are nearly universally split into music and lyrics.

When those two words are offered in this sense, the word lyrics refers solely to any and also all indigenous that space sung or talked or rapped as component of the song, and it go not describe the melody or rhythm or any type of purely musical aspect of the vocals because that the song. Often the native words is provided in location of lyrics.

When offered in this senses, words music refers to everything yet the text (in the sense above) themselves, and therefore music in this feeling does refer to the vocal melody, harmonies, and also rhythms.

One visual method to separate lyrics from whatever is come look at exactly how a song is most frequently written down.


Image source

The optimal line the the music to represent the vocal melody (and often consists of vocal harmonies), and shows, in music notation, the rhythm and pattern of notes that are to it is in sung. Ideal underneath the peak line of music we view the words or lyrics composed out, with each syllable aligned underneath the musical note that is to it is in sung at the musical time and on the pitch and for the duration indicated.

Is is clear in this case that music and also lyrics (or words) individually refer come those two elements as written. In practice, especially among song writers, those indigenous are offered in the exact same exact means for the sounds as well.


Music usually refers to all of the musical elements, including vocal notes and rhythms, yet not any kind of words or lyrics.Beat and also instrumentation refer to the music played by any type of musical instruments in addition to the singing, with beat gift used more often in the contexts of techno, rap, hip-hop, and also R&B. Instrumentation can additionally refer come music played by tools when over there is no singing involved, or it have the right to refer to just the instruments chosen come play, without any type of reference come the music the is played.Backing track is regularly used as a synonym for beat or instrumentation, yet sometimes includes any type of harmony vocals (along with the appropriate lyrics) and also sometimes omits solo and/or lead components played by instruments.

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I randomly psychic the lyrics to a "Weird" Al Yankovic parody that George Harrison"s Got my Mind collection On You this morning. In the parody, "Weird" Al refers to the "music" and the "words" and also "lyrics" as separate components of do a song.

Relevant excerpts:

You really need words whole lotta rhyming words friend gotta luck so plenty of words, mm-mm To carry out it, to execute it, to execute it, to perform it To do it, to execute it right, child


Oh, girlfriend gotta have-a music You need really attractive music This song has gained plenty that music however just 6 words, child

And therefore I"ll sing" em over and also over and also over and over and also over and over and over, mm-mm and also over and over and over and also over and over and also over again