What is a ax or name for someone that is very adept at resolving puzzles or situations that require though processing and also logic.

I ran throughout this question, however this only deals with crossword puzzles. I"m searching for something that can be used on a wider sense.



Enigmatologist is words for the human you describe. The term to be coined by will Shortz, the previous editor the Games magazine, i beg your pardon I read voraciously as a child. He"s right now the editor of the New York Times crossword puzzle. Mr. Shortz is apparently the only human being in the background of the human being to have actually a level in Enigmatology (the university of Indiana, 1974).

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One that is analytical would certainly be a an excellent problem solver. And also in this context could presumably be more apt to addressing puzzles then others.


skilled in or habitually using analysis.


Solutionist has actually a wider meaning and may refer to someone that solves problem in a an ext general sense:

a problem-solver (Collins)


The belief that all obstacles have light solutions, frequently of a technocratic nature.


What is a ax or name for someone who is very adept at solving puzzles or instances that require though processing and also logic?I"m trying to find something that might be used on a wider sense.

Normally I carry out not discuss other answers but, however novel the word Enigmatologist is. The is not consisted of in many dictionaries and is not an approved word in those it does show up in. Also it does not answer the question, only part of it.

The word that can be applied in a broader sense is problem-solver it is fairly mundane yet it does overcome the t"s and also dot the i"s

problem-solving; noun; Cambridge sdrta.net Dictionary; the process of finding services to problems:

problem-solver; noun; Cambridge sdrta.net Dictionary

example; the is thought about a troubleshooter and also a problem-solver.

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