Three out of the world’s eight bear species live in The United States and Canada.These species are black bears, brvery own grizzly bears, and polar bears. I wanted to tell the distinction between males and also females, so I have actually done some research study.

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Male bears are a lot bigger than female bears.Males have a different face shape, via different ears and also body form that helps to differentiate them.

Gender identification have the right to be puzzling in the wild, and unless you come across a bear adhered to by her cubs or a bear that is urinating, it have the right to be tough to tell.With each of the three-bear species, there are ways to identify in between them.

With these tips, you will certainly conveniently make out whether a bear wandering approximately in the areas is a male or female. Here, we current a comprehensive step by step overview to identifying the distinction between male & female bears at a distance.

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Male Bear Characteristics


Male polar bear

The height of the female polar bears while standing is in the selection of 6.6 to 8.2 feet. Males can stand in between 8.2 to 9.8 feet tall.Like grizzly bears, if the bear is via cubs, then that bear is female.

The uricountry is equivalent to other bears, through the female bear urinating to the back.The male polar bears urinate in front, as perform the brown and also babsence bears.

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Mating Season

Bears gain solitary lives, however males and females are uncovered together during the mating seachild.Four to 5 years is the average breeding age of a female grizzly, while the reproduction age is between 3 to 5 years for female babsence bears.

The reproduction seachild commences in May until the finish of June.The female bears get fat to defend the unborn cub.A pregnant bear can look favor a male bear because of the extra layers of fat, making them bulky.

Adult females develop dwellings for their cubs to continue to be with them in the time of the initially few years of their years.Male bears don’t follow the principle of being via the female and also cubs, traveling solo to seek one more mate.If you find a bear roaming in the areas via no other bears in proximity, then the chances are high that this is a female bear.

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Differentiation between male and female bears centers on physical attributes.

Although these are the finest means of identifying sex, a pregnant or overweight bear deserve to be difficult to identify. Age can make a distinction in the size of the ears.During the first 3 years, also the males have big ears, so you have to be mindful.

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I hope I have gave an easy checklist to find the gender of black bears, brvery own grizzly bears, and also polar bears.With practical suffer and also thorough knowledge, you have to now have the ability to recognize these 3 kinds of bears in the wild.