Using the Kik Messenger app is really straightforward. Users deserve to join the app for complimentary and start chatting to various other users practically immediately after creating their very own profiles. Most people find Kik Messenger tremendously easy to use. And, while it is true that, thankfully, the Kik Messenger app is straightforward to use, there are a couple of things that users would advantage from knowing. We space talking around some small things that would substantially enhance your endure of making use of the Kik Messenger app. Among those things is the meaning behind the article symbols.

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You might or might not have actually noticed the there space letter symbols displaying alongside every solitary message that you send or receive. If you space wondering what the exact an interpretation of those signs is, friend have pertained to the best place. Even if friend think girlfriend do know what some or all of those symbols mean, we think girlfriend could advantage from reading this short article as we will explain in a great deal of information what each and every one of those signs mean.

Knowing the meaning of those symbols might really improve your endure of using the Kik Messenger application to chat to your friends or meet brand-new people. The best means to do the many out the chatting ~ above this great instant messaging app is to understand all you can about it. We hope the this post will assist you make the many out of Kik Messenger.


What room Kik article Symbols?

So, choose we stated on our introduction, every article that is sent or got on Kik Messenger has a letter displaying beside it. These letters are what we refer to as Kik message symbols. Each among those letters has actually a very particular meaning. There are additionally other icons that room not letters. In this article we will go v each and also every one of those signs whether they space letters or no so that following time you usage the immediate messenger you will know specifically what they every mean.

Why is it necessary to recognize the meaning of Kik post symbols? The answer come that question will end up being rather apparent as you read on but, for now, stop say the there are methods in which you deserve to use those icons to your benefit or, perhaps, just avoid some unnecessary misunderstandings v your Kik friends.

Kik Letter Symbols

Let’s start with the letter symbols, which room the ones the you will come across much more often. The contempt confusing thing about letter icons is that most Kik Messenger customers seem come think that they understand their meaning. So, even if friend think friend know specifically what those letter icons mean, we would certainly still introduce you continue reading this section. You might be surprised to discover out what they actually mean.

There are only three letter symbols: “S”, “D”, and “R”.



The “S” symbols stands for “sent”. Now, this seems very straightforward indeed but let’s get in what it in reality means. At any time you watch an “S” prize in a Kik chat or conversation (a Kik chat or a Kik conversation are exactly the very same thing), it method that your message has actually been efficiently sent the end to the human (or people, if this be a group chat) the you intended come send that to. The “S” effectively method that the Kik Messenger web server has actually sent the message. But that is every it means; the does not average that the human (or people) you are chatting with would have actually seen that or even received the yet. If among your messages remains with an “S” symbol beside it for quite some time, this can mean the the to plan recipient does not have a Wi Fi connection at the moment, and also cannot because of this receive her message.

Often shortly after the “S” prize is displayed, it is changed by a “D” symbol. The “D” symbol, again straightforwardly enough, stands for “delivered”. What this symbol method is the the article you had actually sent has now been yielded to the person’s (or people’s) smart phone or Kik compatible cell phone device. Go this average that they have actually read it? Again, the answer come this would certainly be no. Just due to the fact that a blog post is delivered it go not mean that the recipient has read it, or also is in a place to review it. Just how so? Well, due to the fact that the “D”, prefer the “S” price pretty much only proves the there has actually not been a technical problem with the servers or such like. There could be reasons why a post like “D” has actually not been check out by the recipient.

One the those reasons can be that the recipient is away from his or her smart mobile device. One more reason can be that, for everything reason, their device is turn off. Or, simply, he or she has not launched the Kik Messenger app recently. Until they have actually actually seen the message, the “D” price will continue to be in place. If the receiver is utilizing an iOS an equipment (either an iphone or an iPod Touch) or a home windows Phone, there would also be two different versions that the “D” symbol. One version of the “D” prize likes black, while the various other version the the exact same symbol looks gray or contempt faded. The difference in between the 2 resides has to do with press notifications.

If you see a faded “D” it means that the recipient has received the push an alert from the Kik Messenger application but has not check out it (the notification, no the post itself). If the “D” is solid black then it way that the recipient has actually read the notice (so effectively, they have read her message however not in the Kik Messenger app itself, yet only in the notification). You will have to bear in mind the this only applies to iOS devices and also the windows Phone and not come Android mobile phones or other devices.

Once the message has actually actually been checked out by the recipient, the “D” symbol will certainly turn into an “R” symbol. The “R” obviously represents “read” and also it method that her message has been opened and also read by the recipient. If one of messages has actually an “R” symbol right alongside it yet it continues to be unanswered it deserve to only mean one of 2 things: one of two people the recipient has actually been as well busy to answer to your message, or castle are level and an easy choosing to ignore you.

“If you’re being ignored, that’s a great time to concentration on finding yourself and also creating your own mystery.”- Lykke Li


Other Kik post Symbols

Letter symbols room the ones we get much more questions about, simply since they space really common but there are various other symbols which deserve to perhaps it is in even much more intriguing.

There room really just two Kik blog post symbols that are not letters: “!” and “…” that is necessary to know what those two symbols mean since they have the right to look slightly alarming on your screen. Let’s simply look at both the those symbols individually in order to dispel any kind of worries that they may be.

The “…” prize is no as significant as the ahead one yet it still suggests that there is other not fairly working in the method it should. The “…” symbol need to not be reason of alarm in itself since it merely way that the Kik Messenger app is attempting to affix to the Internet. As such, the “…” must be temporary and also should be really quickly replaced by the “S” symbol that, as we disputed in the previous section of this article, way that the message has actually been sent. If the “…” price should screen for fairly a if you might want to examine your Internet connection following the means we just went through when we were discussing the “!” symbol.

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So, the Kik message symbols the you really have to know about are the letter ones: “S”, “D”, and also “R”, and also two non-letter ones: “!” and also “…”. In our experience, knowing around these signs both in regards to their meaning but also in state of how to deal with them, only improves the experience of exchanging instant messages on Kik and managing users’ expectations. If friend have any type of feedback or any type of questions around Kik blog post symbols, please leave united state a blog post in the comments ar below.

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