American Robins, the red breasted birds, mark the return of feather to most folks in the northern states.

One of the simplest birds to watch while lock go about theirnesting and feeding habits since they"re in most peoples backyards.

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Actually, unknown to a the majority of people, this birds invest thewinter in much of their breeding range.


However, because they spend much less time in yards and congregate morein wooded areas, you may not view them as often.

During milder winters, it"s more common to see them in ourbackyards.

These birds are frequently used as the standard to i m sorry otherbirds sizes are compared; among the most common native birds of the East, andthe largest of the Thrush Family.

Hardly a garden in north America has actually not been saw bythis bird. Often referred to as the Red Robin.

American Robin Call


American Robins have actually gray upperparts and the acquainted reddish breast, varyingfrom pale rust to a dark brick red.

Male and also females look almost identical. The females colour are much less vibrant.Sometimes throughout nesting season you"ll see mud top top the breastof a female, due to the fact that she is the one the lines the swarm with mud.

The typical size the this bird is 9-11 inch long.

Often, you"ll watch these birds hopping top top lawns, meadows, andgolf courses looking for earthworms. They also eat insects, fruit, and berries.

Nesting - reproduction Habits

The track of the masculine is come advertise his territory or to attracta mate. You"ll hear castle the many just prior to the young hatch.

The typical breeding season because that this bird is from April to July

The female builds the nest which is make of grasses, amiddle layer of mud, climate lined v fine grasses. The swarm is usually inserted inthe crotch that a tree or shrub 5-20 feet over ground.

The accessibility of mud at nesting time may attract thesebirds to colony nearby. They will additionally make use of wool, string and also hair.

They can produce up to three effective broods in one year. Onaverage, two clutches are elevated with much less than half being successful.

Only a 4 minutes 1 of those that perform fledge endure to November.From that point on, about fifty percent of the birds alive in any type of year will certainly make it to the next.

According to the Cornell rap of Ornithology, the wholepopulation turns over on mean every six years.

The female lays 3-7 light blue eggs that room incubated for12-14 days and the young leaving the swarm in about 14-16 days.


Robins will go back to the exact same territories native season come season.

Sometimes they build a brand-new nest on height of their old one. I"ve viewed asmany as 3 on top of one another.

It"s a an excellent idea to eliminate old nest in baskets and also off ofdownspouts and also rafters in fall so that parasites don"t overwinter.

Visitors to this site have submitted photos and stories ofsome unusual nesting placesthat this bird chooses to raise their young.

Removing the colony protects future broods need to they returnto the very same site since parasites might travel native the old swarm to the brand-new nest.

Sometimes a solitary female will construct several swarm close come one another. She willeventually select one to raise she young in.

No one to know why they execute this native time to time.

It"s not unusual to find Doves reusing a Robins colony to laytheir eggs and also raise young.

Feeding behavior - What castle Eat

Give your Doves a location to Nest
Nesting Shelf - learn More

Robins eat different species of food escape not just on the time of year, buteven time the day. They eat earthworms beforehand in the day and more fruit later on inthe day.

Because they forage mainly on lawns, they are vulnerable topesticide poisoning and can be an important indicator of chemical pollution.


This is a bird of forest edges and also opening. Prefering openground on i beg your pardon it can forage for insects come eat and feed your young.

Try put fruit ~ above tray feeders or planting fruiting shrubsto attract an ext of lock to her backyard garden.

After the reproduction season, Robins i cry together and also go tolarge communal roosts in ~ night. This habit continues from fall through winter.

Baby Robins

Share your Story!Robins discover some funny and strange locations to nest. Carry out you have actually a story andpicture about Robins nesting about your home? Why not Share it v OurVisitors.Got pictures? we Love Pics - to share your story or read what others have actually alreadyshared Click Here

A good percentage of baby birds are lost due to human being thinkingthey"ve rescued the tiny one. The young space often found on the floor withoutwhat seems to be, any kind of parental oversight.

Adults and children catch these recently fledged birds and takethem inside, not learning they"ve rescued a bird the didn"t need rescuing.

You see, when baby robins an initial leave the nest, castle areunable to fly. Part jump to greater branches in the nest tree and some take it atumble come the ground but landing softly.

These infant birds are fine, the adult will continue to care for them.Leave castle Be!

If you"re worried they may be in hurts way, aid them come anearby shurb for defense so the the adults will find and also continuefeeding them.

The adult birds deserve to see you a block away. So don"t assume becauseyou don"t see any type of adult birds that there are none around.

Adults room listening for your young and will find them if youkeep castle close to where you discovered them.

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Please share this information with others who might thinkthey"re helping these young birds. Keeping your cat indoors throughout the nestingseason will go a long means in help our birds.