Vibrant orange is the shade that jumps to mind when we think that the portly pumpkin that symbolize all points autumn. Today, bright orange is only among the numerous pumpkin color available. There are arrays in shades from deep, durable scarlet come a irradiate blue and ghostly white.

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Coming ~ above the scene just a dozen years ago, normally white pumpkins, as soon as an oddity discovered only at farmers" markets, are currently making their way into much more and much more homes and are ending up being an autumn favorite.

A bit much more expensive than their traditional orange counterparts, a white pumpkin has actually an eerie look. The white skin and also pale yellow meat produces a ghoulish glow when carved and also lit from within. The larger carving white pumpkins room the Lumina, the smallest are the tiny, 3" baby Boo. Decorators love white pumpkins because they are crisp, clean, and classic in any kind of decor. They have the right to be arranged with mums space elegant atop sterling silver- or deserve to serve as a chic vase for a autumn floral arrangement. Any method you screen them, these cream color beauties space a should for your seasonal centerpiece or decoration.


Blue pumpkins are very striking, unusual, and get noticed. Of all the non-traditional colors because that pumpkins, blue appears to it is in the most unexpected.

Blue pumpkin colors are gorgeous when combined with your complementary orange cousins.

The most renowned blue boy is the Jarrahdale or Australian Blue. The Blue Max is an additional popular variety that is a depth blue gray.


The idea the a red pumpkin isn"t quite as shocking together a blue or white variety, yet the vibrant, sunsets hue do the red varieties simply as sought after.

One of the most renowned red pumpkins is featured in a well-known fairy tale. It is claimed that Cinderella"s carriage to be fashioned ~ the Rouge Vif d"Estampes pumpkin, an heirloom native France the was introduced right into the united state in the late 1800s.This impressive range of pumpkin varieties in shade from red to pink come a deep red-orange v deep ribs. The flattened shape allows for stacking other vibrant pumpkins on height of them, producing a lover display.The Lal bhopla, has vivid red skin with a lumpy texture. When presented with the smooth Lumina or a group of deep ribbed orange pumpkins, the rippled surface adds an unexpected measurement to the grouping.


The earthy brown and natural texture of this pumpkins to add a sensory twist to the traditional.

The Musquee de Provence Pumpkin is a favorite among chefs for its flavor. The is also a favorite of those through an eye because that color. This beautiful heirloom indigenous the south of France is environment-friendly when immature, and then transforms a lovely wealthy brown v deep orange meat when fully ripe. The Galeux D"Eysines is an additional heirloom pumpkin native France and its name translates as "embroidered v warts indigenous Eysines”, a small town in southwest France. A distinct decorative item that adds texture to your loss display.

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With together a rich and also varied shade palette past the beloved traditional orange; pumpkins are right for your autumn decor. Whether you pick white, blue, red, or brown, you deserve to be sure any type of of these distinctive pumpkins will lug a little bit of fantasy come your autumn décor.