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Is turquoise blue-green or is the green-blue? Is turquoise the very same as teal or aqua? Ultimately, turquoise is a wide variety of colors and also shades. The shade is appealing and also is affiliated through feelings that calmness and positivity. The color is also closely associated with calm s scenes and also nature. Turquoise can also produce a wonderfully serene, yet confident feeling. Complying with is a much more detailed summary of what colors make turquoise and the various popular shades of turquoise you deserve to use in every one of your art projects.

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A Brief history of Turquoise

The an initial thing girlfriend think around when the word turquoise is mentioned is most probably the gem that has actually the exact same name. Words itself goes earlier to the seventeenth century, is French, and means “Turkish”. The mineral was derived from mines in Persia (Iran) and also Afghanistan and was transported v Turkey ~ above its way to Europe. Before this time, turquoise was additionally mined in locations of ancient Egypt. Over there have even been ancient turquoise artifacts discovered in Bulgaria, which method the mineral has been valued for many years. The surname turquoise, connected with that is color, was documented in the early 1500s and also is concerned as a the shade of cyan.

The mineral chin is a blue-green gem and has to be sought after because that its attractive color. End the ages, turquoise jewelry has actually been worn by the affluent, which was evidence of prosperity and also wealth, and was a display of style.


Turquoise has actually an exotic undertone and also lends chin to a certain amount the mystery. Turquoise was also discovered and also mined in the American regions of Arizona and also in brand-new Mexico. In these areas, the exceptional color became a price of protection. The Aztecs included turquoise into particular objects, and the Apache country carried a item of turquoise through them come ensure perfect aim when using their bow and arrow.

Due come its history, plenty of still view turquoise as a symbol of hope, protection, calmness, and also balance. Turquoise is the birthstone for December, and also many check out the shade as a mark of success. Genuine turquoise gem jewel is fairly popular; however, it can be quite expensive. When it comes to creating shades the turquoise for art projects, anybody v some knowledge of shade theory should be able to create the shade they want. Let us now uncover what colors do turquoise.

What two Colors do Turquoise?

Turquoise is a shade that can encourage creativity and also can add an attractive brightness to arts projects. To do turquoise paint, mix blue and green. However, is developing turquoise that simple? obtaining just the right shade turquoise might be a bit an ext challenging, and also you will require to include different ratios of color to gain the finest shades of turquoise. Friend can find turquoise somewhere in the middle of green and also blue as soon as looking in ~ the color wheel. So, if you recognize what to do, friend can create a the shade of turquoise the leans towards green or blue. We likewise have one online shade mixer app, wherein you can try all kinds of turquoise shade mixes.


When creating a turquoise shade palette, you should experiment and play around with different quantities of green and also blue. To attain the assorted shades that turquoise, you need an understanding of color theory. Above, we mentioned the shade wheel, i beg your pardon is a visual depiction that the primary, secondary, tertiary colors and also their various shades, tones, and also hues in-between. This will certainly play vital role when mixing colors.

Understanding color Temperature

Colors can be connected with either gift warmer or cooler or having actually a shade bias. Red, yellow, and also orange, are plainly on the heat side, if green and also blues space cooler colors. However, girlfriend can likewise get warmer blue colors and also cooler reds. The same applies to turquoise, due to the fact that it is make from a mix that green and blue, the can also have a shade bias.

Since green is created by blending blue and yellow, by adjusting the shade ratios, girlfriend can develop a green that is either warmer or cooler. Because that example, lime is taken into consideration a warmer environment-friendly as that contains much more yellow. You likewise get warmer blues that have much more of a purple bias than a eco-friendly one, if cool blues will have actually a green bias. As you can see, there is a lot much more to producing the perfect turquoise 보다 a mix of blue and also green. The colors friend are starting with need to be correct to get the desired turquoise color.


Tints and Shades of Turquoise

Not only have the right to you influence the temperature the a color, yet you can also make the brighter, muted, or create darker colors. A brighter and richer turquoise can be made by including a little much more yellow come the mix. White can additionally be mixed in to make the color brighter, however, white will additionally create a an ext opaque or muted color.


The above is what you contact tints, while shades of turquoise are when darker colors, prefer black, are added to the mix. The lot of white and also black you include will determine the tint or shade of color. When including these colors come paint, the trick is to mix in tiny amounts together you go. Black color can also be very severe and including too lot can damage the shade you want to achieve. A better option to take into consideration is to usage a deep blue or navy shade to darken her turquoise. Friend may also want to shot a small purple, because that a more distinctive turquoise color. This colors also produce a more vivid turquoise than adding black. Experiment through all the alternatives to test them out, so girlfriend can discover the color you want.

Complementary Turquoise Colors

Going ago to the shade wheel, all colors room arranged in a circle or wheel shape, and also when consulting the wheel, you have the right to then determine what colors are complementary or analogous. Totally free colors space positioned opposite each other. Because that example, blue and also orange. So, because that turquoise and its miscellaneous shades, the safety colors will certainly be her shades of yellow, oranges, and also reds. A richer gold color could be your best selection for turquoise.

When these colors are inserted near each other, the colors space intensified. However, if you mix complementary colors, you will gain a muddy brown. Lighter turquoise colors also go well through neutral color such together gray, white, or tan and other shades that brown. Analogous colors are colors that sit ~ above the very same side of the color wheel, and also these colors will certainly blend well. So, turquoise will blend well with your various greens and also blues.


Popular Shades the Turquoise

Sometimes, describing and also naming colors can be subjective. For example, is beige a standard color? In numerous cases, plenty of would specify this color as a light brown. In the situation of turquoise, room teal and also aqua standard colors, or are they shades that turquoise? Teal might be thought about a darker shade of turquoise, if aqua is an ext of a blue, with a dash of green to it. The course, the shade wheel is there to assist you identify colors.

However, devices are accessible that everyone deserve to use once it comes to computer graphics and printing. A hex password is over there to assist you find a particular color and also represents color as the lot of red, green, and blue present, largely referred to as RGB. Printing involves a mixture of 4 colors, specific cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, or CMYK. Complying with are a couple of favorite shades of turquoise and a table displaying these codes and also percentages.



Turquoise have the right to be explained as gift a bright cyan. A mix of blue and green, it provides the very same kind the cool and calm feeling. Turquoise is also sometimes referred to as aquamarine, however, lock are different colors. Turquoise is greenish-blue, while aqua is bluer with ideas of green and also is used quite regularly in painting ocean scenes.

Color NameShade of TurquoiseHex CodeRGB %CMYK %
Turquoise#40e0d025.1, 87.8, 81.671, 0, 7, 12


The blue-green version of turquoise is a stronger cyan color and likewise has a calming and also peaceful effect. Blue-green has also been a component of Crayola’s crayon colour for plenty of years. This specific hue can quickly be uncovered in nature from fish come lakes. Because that example, the blue-green damselfish. For a cool and glacier-type palette, shot combining blue-green with lighter blues and white. Do the color stand out much more when paired v yellows and orange colors.

Color NameShade the TurquoiseHex CodeRGB %CMYK %
Blue-Green#0d98ba5.1, 59.6, 72.993, 18, 0, 27


This is a lighter, pale cyan that has been motivated by the sky, specifically on a beautiful summer’s day when no clouds space in sight. The surname Celeste is Italian and way heavenly. This details shade has changed over the years and has developed from having a blue color to a an ext minty environment-friendly color

Color NameShade the TurquoiseHex CodeRGB %CMYK %
Celeste#b2ffff69.8, 100, 10030, 0, 0, 0

Electric Blue

The surname “electric blue” was supplied as an English color name in the mid-1840s and also represents a particular energy and also excitement. The color is more active and also spirited and also can it is in used rather of the an ext muted blues. The color easily pairs with white, and you can produce a to mark palette as soon as paired v other colorful hues, specifically a glowing orange-red. Of course, it likewise blends and works good with all various other shades the blue.

Color NameShade the TurquoiseHex CodeRGB %CMYK %
Electric Blue#7df9ff49, 97.6, 10051, 2, 0, 0

Turquoise Green

This details shade of turquoise is a much more desaturated cyan-lime green. The color likewise represents a particular calmness and freshness. The complementary shade for this the shade is a desaturated pink, while it blends and also works fine with other desaturated or muted blues and also greens.

Color NameShade that TurquoiseHex CodeRGB %CMYK %
Turquoise Green#a0d6b462.7, 83.9, 70.625, 0, 16, 16


The shade came around in the mid-1840s once a jeweler recognized as Charles Lewis Tiffany developed a color brand for his jewelry and also packaging. The color gained popularity and the color was ultimately named Tiffany blue. The color goes well with white for a more elegant look, while corals, yellows, and also deep blues add even more color.

Color NameShade that TurquoiseHex CodeRGB %CMYK %
Tiffany#0abab53.9, 72.9, 7195, 0, 3, 27


Keppel is a saturation dark come moderate cyan and has undertones the gray. The color is calming and also represents intelligence and creativity. The color is provided by countless larger businesses and also airlines and hospitals as it is a shade that instills strength, loyalty, and also trust. A shade that is conveniently used in ocean scenes and also sky vistas.

Color NameShade the TurquoiseHex CodeRGB %CMYK %
Keppel#3ab09e22.7, 69, 6267, 0, 10, 31

Light Sea Green

This is a darker cyan color and also is inspired by the ocean and its plenty of colors and has slightly much more green 보다 blue. The shade will work-related well and also stand the end when placed with a desaturated dark red or white and also blend well through a mute darker blue and a muted dark cyan-lime green.

Color NameShade that TurquoiseHex CodeRGB %CMYK %
Light Sea Green#20b2aa12.5, 69.8, 66.782, 0, 4, 30


The color is linked with feelings of clarity and calmness and also as with various other blue colors, that is linked to water and also nature. To add a significant contrast, pair it through the shade maroon, or develop a an ext refreshing feel by combine it with various other shades of green.

Color NameShade that TurquoiseHex CodeRGB %CMYK %
Teal#0080800, 50.2, 50.2100, 0, 0, 50


This is a muted darker cyan color and as other blue or eco-friendly colors, can be linked with calmness, serenity, and also thoughtfulness. The color will job-related well when placed with a muted dark red and also blends well v muted dark greens and blues.

Color NameShade that TurquoiseHex CodeRGB %CMYK %
Catalina#72a49f44.7, 64.3, 62.430, 0, 3, 36

How to Mix Turquoise

When producing turquoise paint, it can selection from mute tones to more intense saturation colors. The easiest way to usage turquoise is to merely purchase the color and also use it directly from the tube. However, you might be spring for much more of a specific shade the turquoise so girlfriend will need to mix your own. So, permit us gain into an ext detail and learn just how to mix turquoise.

Purchasing repaint Colors

You will require to get yourself part green and also blue paint, even if it is it -is oil, acrylic, or watercolors as lengthy as you mix the same medium. However, acrylics might it is in the easiest tool to begin with. Girlfriend can quickly search because that paints in ~ your regional store or shot reading part reviews and also buy online. When buying paint, friend should know what the shade of repaint you want. Because that example, shot and choose a blue that has actually a eco-friendly bias. Come brighten or lighten your turquoise, friend should likewise have part white or yellow paint.

Mixing Turquoise Tones

Some examples of blue color you can use incorporate cyan, cobalt, ultramarine, or cerulean. The shade should have much more of a environment-friendly tint come it than purple. Some of the much more common color used include your viridian green, phthalo green, and phthalo blue. These room popular options when make the efforts to produce a great turquoise color.

You can also choose your yellow color if you desire to produce your very own green, consider lemon yellow, or irradiate yellow depending on what you room looking for. Protect against blue repaint colors the contain a red prejudice as this will certainly not develop a appropriate turquoise. So, when you perform purchase paints, that is a good idea to gain an knowledge of pigments and also reading labels, rather than simply relying on the shade name.


Bright Turquoise

To produce a glowing turquoise, location some turquoise blue on your palette. A quick distance far from this, ar some the your green paint ~ above the palette. Friend can additionally create your own environment-friendly by blending equal quantities of blue and yellow. Turquoise has more blue than environment-friendly in it, so make certain to use twice as lot blue as green paint once mixing. This will provide a great base color to occupational from. You can add a little much more or less environment-friendly paint to alter the color slightly.

Once the paints have been blended thoroughly, you deserve to make the color brighter by including a tiny yellow come the mix. If you add too lot yellow, friend can include a little amount of white to carry the color down a bit. Make certain you make sufficient paint because that what you want to do because you execute not want to add much more paint halfway through, i beg your pardon will affect the hue and also an uneven look. Before you paint, you can fine-tune the shade until you are happy through the color. Mental to add in very little amounts the white or other colors till you reach the shade you want. Also, the is a good idea to take it notes around how girlfriend made your particular shade of turquoise for this reason you have the right to return in the future and also repeat the process.


Pale Turquoise

When blending a pale or lighter color, it is best to begin with white ~ above the palette. Because that a pale turquoise, girlfriend can also consider making use of a very pale blue. Once attempting a darker pale turquoise, you can also try using a gray-white. When mixing the colors, ar a squirt the white down and then start with little amounts that green and blue paint. You can experiment with the amount of color until you get the the shade you want. As soon as you have reached the the shade of turquoise you want, you have the right to then paint with it.


Tips for creating the shade Turquoise

Learning and also understanding what colors do turquoise and also creating your very own colors have the right to be rather exciting. One of the things to remember is to very first have all the correct colors before you begin. Once every little thing is ready, you have the right to start painting. Below are a few tips to help you accomplish the best color turquoise.

Choose cooler or warmer greens and blues to affect the final temperature and also look of her turquoise colorConsider the shade value, do you want a lighter or darker turquoise? friend can achieve this by adding white or yellow come the mix because that a brighter or lighter watch or add black or darker shades of blue to darken her turquoise colorAdding white will boost the saturation levels and create a mute turquoiseWant to develop an really turquoise color, think about looking for genuine items in nature and study themWhen adding colors to her base color, constantly use little amountsKeep in psychic the assets you purchase; countless manufacturers have actually their own color formulas, and also this could affect the outcome of her color

Frequently inquiry Questions

What 2 Colors make Turquoise?

There are countless shades that turquoise, but, in general, the color is a combination of blue and green. The color tends to be more green-blue, however, over there are many shades, tints, and also hues the turquoise. The name comes from the mineral that has actually been mined and also created right into beautiful gems.

Is Teal comparable To Turquoise?

These space two separate colors; however, teal deserve to be considered a shade of turquoise. Teal is a deeper and slightly darker the shade of turquoise. So, the main difference between these colour is one is a darker shade than the other, and also teal leans more towards blue 보다 green.

How to make Teal?

Making teal is similar to do turquoise, friend just have to tweak the amounts of paint added. Combine two parts of blue paint with one component green and include a little yellow. Come darken the color, friend can include a small amount that a darker shade of blue.

Is Aqua The exact same As Turquoise?

Again, these colors can be viewed as the same by some, however they room different. Turquoise is an ext of a green-blue, if aqua is bluer v a tiny green, and also is a little an ext intense in color. Therefore turquoise leans more towards your eco-friendly than blue.

How to make Aqua?

There are quite a few blue-green shades of repaint you deserve to purchase at an arts store. Girlfriend can change this tube shade by adding an ext blue or white to achieve the shade you want. To produce your own aqua color, start with white as your base, and also then include in your preferred blue until it produces a light blue as soon as mixed. Then add in very little amounts that yellow till you notification a slight environment-friendly tint.

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What color Complements Turquoise?

Turquoise goes well through neutral colors, irradiate browns, and also darker blues and greens. However, what renders it stand the end is its safety colors favor yellow, orange, coral, and deep gold.