When friend start finding out chess, among the an initial things you learn around is exactly how the chess piece move. And while examining that, a concern may pertained to your mind, which chess piece have the right to move diagonally?In chess, the king, queen, bishop, and also pawn room the only pieces that can move diagonally. The rook and knight can’t relocate diagonally since a rook move in a right line when the knight moves in an L-shape.

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Further in this article, i’m going to define how every chess piece move, i m sorry chess pieces have the right to move diagonally, and also everything that you must know. After analysis this write-up your all doubts will be clearing so keep reading till the end.
How the king move diagonally?How the queen moves diagonally?How the bishop move diagonally?How the pawn move diagonally?The rook can’t move diagonallyThe article can’t move diagonallyConclusionRelated Questions:Which chess piece have the right to move any kind of direction?Which chess piece only moves diagonally?What space the 16 pieces in chess called?


A king have the right to move diagonally, vertically also horizontally in any kind of direction yet only as much as one square in a solitary move. A king captures in the same means it moves. So it can take any kind of enemy piece standing beside it, however except for another king.A king can’t catch an opponent king. I have explained the factor for this in a bit an ext detail in my write-up Why A King can’t Kill an additional King In Chess? (Explained)
Note the a king is no the most powerful chess piece due to the fact that as you deserve to see it deserve to move only up come one square (and the strength of the chess piece additionally depends top top its mobility).Read Related: reasonable Behind Why Is The King therefore Weak In ChessBut still, it is the most essential chess piece. Since a chess game ends as quickly as her king gets checkmated, right?So the whole idea the a chess game is to conserve one’s own king and also checkmate the opponent’s king.Whenever a king is under assault then the is stated to it is in in check. And, anytime a king is in inspect it is mandatory to first take the king out of check and then just make any type of other move.
When a king is in examine (which method in the attack) and also there is no method to take it the king the end of check then this is problem is dubbed checkmate.Also, there is a situation in i m sorry the king is not in check yet still, the player has no legal move left to proceed the game, dubbed a stalemate.Read Related: stalemate & Checkmate In Chess: defined With ComparisonApart native these, a king has a one-of-a-kind move called castling in which it move two steps on either side from its beginning square in addition to the rook in a solitary move. There are two species of castling one is kingside and also another queenside. (Click the link to read more about them)
So these are the couple of basic things you are required to know around the king. Now let’s relocate on to our next chess piece.

How the queen moves diagonally?


A queen deserve to move diagonally, horizontally as well as vertically, in any kind of direction, and up come any variety of squares in a solitary move.A queen can capture any kind of enemy item that come on its route of movement but only one in a solitary move. As result of its high mobility top top the board, a queen is considered the most powerful chess piece.

Bishop is the just chess item in chess that can only move diagonally, backward and also forward. A bishop cannot relocate horizontally or vertically.A bishop deserve to capture any type of piece the comes on its way but only one in a solitary move.

Now let’s talk about a an extremely frequent inquiry that plenty of beginners have. I m sorry chess piece can move just diagonally ~ above either black or white squares?In chess, over there is no chess piece that have the right to move only diagonally that too on one of two people the black or white squares. Bishop is the just chess item that have the right to only relocate diagonally however it is limited to squares the one color.
So a bishop of the black-colored square deserve to only move on black-colored squares throughout the game. Whereas a bishop of the white-colored square have the right to only move on white-colored squares transparent the game.In chess, every chess player has actually two together bishops. Now this limitation of just one colored square is rather thought about as a weakness because it damages the effectiveness of a solitary bishop.But, 2 bishops working with each other can reduced thorough the end the position of an opponent like the pair of scissors.

How the pawn moves diagonally?


Generally, a pawn move one action forward. That can additionally move two actions forward but only ~ above its first move. A pawn have the right to move diagonally only while catching an foe piece.Also, the pawn is the just chess piece that can’t move backward. It is because of this factor that it advised to move the pawns wisely and also avoid do unnecessary pawn moves throughout the at an early stage phase the the game.There space two distinct moves linked with pawn, one is en passant and also another is pawn promotion.

The rook can’t move diagonally


A rook deserve to only move horizontally backward, forward, and sideways up to any variety of squares in a single move. But a rook can’t relocate diagonally.A rook can capture any enemy piece on its way but only one in a single move. Rook is the following most powerful piece in chess ~ the queen. Therefore, a rook is the second most an effective piece in chess,

The article can’t move diagonally

A knight moves in an L form in any direction in a single move. The movement of the items is peculiar and can’t be classified as horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Therefore a knight can’t relocate diagonally.It walk two actions straight and suddenly takes turn one step on the adjacent square. That is the just chess item that deserve to jump over the various other pieces.A knight have the right to capture any kind of piece the is occupying the square the is walking to finally land. You can read much more about knight moves in chess here.


So that’s it! hope you preferred reading. Consider sharing this v others if you uncovered this write-up helpful.

Related Questions:

Which chess piece can move any type of direction?

King and also queen room the just pieces that can move in any type of direction. A king have the right to move in any direction however only one step. Vice versa, a queen deserve to move in any type of direction and also up come any variety of squares in a solitary move.

Which chess piece just moves diagonally?

In chess, the king, queen, bishop, and pawn can move diagonally. However the bishop is the only chess piece that just moves diagonally.

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What are the 16 pieces in chess called?

In chess, every side has actually 16 pieces. Out of them, the 8 small pieces are dubbed the pawns, and also the remainder 8 pieces encompass one king, one queen, two bishops, 2 knights, and two rooks.