Gas cooking is a staple of foodservice. Whether you room using big or tiny kitchen equipment, cooking with gas provides an ext heat than electricity can. In countless areas, gas is also less expensive 보다 electricity, so choosing gas could aid reduce her restaurant"s overhead costs. As soon as it come to choosing which gas come use, it"s vital to learn around the differences in between your 2 options: natural gas and also propane. V this overview on the price, cooking, and also equipment differences in between propane and natural gas, you deserve to decide i m sorry gas is best for her kitchen.

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What Is herbal Gas?

Natural gas is a fossil fuel the is extract from the ground. This gas is generally composed the methane, and also it may contain smaller quantities of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium, and others.

While natural gas is classified as a non-renewable resource, that is taken into consideration a cleaner different to other fossil fuels. Burning natural gas produces smaller quantities of harmful emissions than various other fossil fuels produce when burned. Additionally, practically every city area in the United states is equipment with organic gas plumbing to do this resource easily accessible.


How to compare Propane and also Natural Gas Prices

To to compare the price of these 2 fuels, you can transform each fuel to the very same unit of measurement. Propane is generally measured in liquid gallons, while natural gas is measure in cubic feet. In order to do a straight comparison, both fuel sources should be in the very same unit that volume.

You can likewise compare each energy source’s worth by finding your BTU, or British thermal Unit, ratings. BTUs measure up the lot of power content each fuel has. If you understand the price and also BTU rating of 1 cubic foot of herbal gas and also for 1 cubic foot the propane, you deserve to see the price difference versus the lot of energy that you are purchasing.


Converting your Equipment

It"s crucial that girlfriend never collection up your natural gas or propane pipes without a professional. It might cost much more money, but hiring an knowledgeable plumber deserve to make the difference between an efficient food preparation fuel source and a huge liability.

Converting one appliance from one fuel to the other typically involves changes to accommodate the pressure difference between how the two gases are stored. Because that instance, if you convert a natural gas range to a propane range, the dimension of the converted jets might differ native the original jets. Because that this reason, some manufacturers report a ns of BTU output when a item of tools designed for herbal gas is converted to propane. Check your manufacturer’s specifications in order to check out if her unit risks BTU ns after conversion.

Both natural gas and also propane are an effective energy resources for food preparation that can save money for her foodservice business. Now that girlfriend knowthese fuels" cooking differences, how to compare their prices,and how to ensure that your tools is all set for the exactly fuel, you can decide i m sorry gas is finest for her commercial kitchen.

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