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What is a characteristic of a fault tolerant network?

a network that protects confidential information from unauthorized accessa network that can expand quickly to support new users and applications without impacting the performance of the service delivered to existing usersa network that supports a mechanism for managing congestion and ensuring reliable delivery of content to all usersa network that recovers quickly when a failure occurs and depends on redundancy to limit the impact of a failure

Three bank employees are using the corporate network. The first employee uses a web browser to view a company web page in order to read some announcements. The second employee accesses the corporate database to perform some financial transactions. The third employee participates in an important live audio conference with other corporate managers in branch offices. If QoS is implemented on this network, what will be the priorities from highest to lowest of the different data types?

audio conference, financial transactions, web pagefinancial transactions, web page, audio conferenceaudio conference, web page, financial transactionsfinancial transactions, audio conference, web page

What is a benefit of using cloud computing in networking?

End users have the freedom to use personal tools to access information and communicate across a business network.Network capabilities are extended without requiring investment in new infrastructure, personnel, or software.Technology is integrated into every-day appliances allowing them to interconnect with other devices, making them more ‘smart’ or automated.Home networking uses existing electrical wiring to connect devices to the network wherever there is an electrical outlet, saving the cost of installing data cables.

What is the function of the shell in an OS?

It interacts with the device hardware.It interfaces between the users and the kernel.It provides dedicated firewall services.It provides the intrusion protection services for the device.

Which connection provides a secure CLI session with encryption to a Cisco switch?

a console connectionan AUX connectiona Telnet connectionan SSH connection

A network technician is attempting to configure an interface by entering the following command: SanJose(config)# ip address The command is rejected by the device. What is the reason for this?

The command is being entered from the wrong mode of operation.The command syntax is wrong.The subnet mask information is incorrect.The interface is shutdown and must be enabled before the switch will accept the IP address.

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An administrator uses the Ctrl-Shift-6 key combination on a switch after issuing the ping command. What is the purpose of using these keystrokes?

to restart the ping processto interrupt the ping processto exit to a different configuration modeto allow the user to complete the command

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is configuring access control to switch SW1. If the administrator uses a console connection to connect to the switch, which password is needed to access user EXEC mode?


A company is expanding its business to other countries. All branch offices must remain connected to corporate headquarters at all times. Which network technology is required to support this requirement?


A home user is looking for an ISP connection that provides high speed digital transmission over regular phone lines. What ISP connection type should be used?

DSLdial-upsatellitecell modemcable modem

How does quality of service help a network support a wide range of applications and services?

by limiting the impact of a network failureby allowing quick recovery from network failuresby providing mechanisms to manage congested network trafficby providing the ability for the network to grow to accommodate new users

On which switch interface would an administrator configure an IP address so that the switch can be managed remotely?

FastEthernet0/1VLAN 1vty 0console 0

After making configuration changes on a Cisco switch, a network administrator issues a copy running-config startup-config command. What is the result of issuing this command?

The new configuration will be stored in flash memory.The new configuration will be loaded if the switch is restarted.The current IOS file will be replaced with the newly configured file.The configuration changes will be removed and the original configuration will be restored.

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is configuring access control to switch SW1. If the administrator has already logged into a Telnet session on the switch, which password is needed to access privileged EXEC mode?