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Escape Room (Mystery Word) answer | level 1 to 10

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Level 1


Level 1 is an easy level, it shows the snapshot of a dog.

Hence, the prize is simply Dog.

Level 2


Level 2 mirrors a blue car and a red automobile collide into each other.

Answer because that Level 2 is Crash.

Level 3


Level 3 reflects a skeleton flag/banner.

Answer is Pirate

Level 4


Level 4 question is “What three letters have the right to turn a girl into a woman?”


We struggled through this question, but luckily gained a totally free hint “This is one offensive question to asking someone”.

We lastly got the exactly answer Age.

Level 5


Level 5 question is “Which pet has the biggest breasts?”

We guessed Elephant, Bear and Penguin yet realized the the prize is 5 letters.


We gained a totally free hint, “The largest bra dimension is Z”.

And derived the correct answer Zebra.

Explanation: The best bra size is Z -> Z + Bra -> Zebra.

Level 6


Level 6 inquiry is “Which month do soldiers hate?”

Answer is March.

Explanation: since soldiers perform not like marching.

Level 7


Level 7 concern is “I fly, but I have no wings. I cry, but I have actually no eyes.”

We perform not know the answer come this and also while waiting, we were awarded with a totally free hint.


The note is “It is white ~ above a sunny day”.

With the hint, we were able come guess the exactly answer Cloud.

Level 8


Level 8 inquiry is “It is dark, but it is made the end of light”.

Once again, we to be awarded with a totally free hint.


The note is “It will always follow you when there is light”.

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With the hint, we were able to guess the correct answer Shadow.

Level 9


Level 9 question is “What fruit is never discovered singly?”

We got the answer correctly on very first attempt, Pear. Yeah!