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If you have backyard ducks, you could be trying to number out i m sorry of her ducks are laying eggs and also which duck aren’t. This guide will aid you uncover the answer!


One of this ducks isn’t laying eggs…can girlfriend tell which one?

Do you have ahappy, healthy and balanced flock that backyardducks? Or planning come raise ducklings in the future? Then below arethree egg-laying scenarios that you’re most likely to encounter:

1. Some ducks laying eggs, some not.

You have actually a i cry of woman ducks and you discover two egg in your house. Exactly how do you understand which duck laid the eggs?

2. Young young ducks might be about to start laying eggs.

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Your young ducks are about 16 main old and should begin laying soon. Ideally, you deserve to switch them come layer feed three weeks before they begin laying come make certain they have the extra nutrition they’ll need.

How deserve to you tell if they’re practically ready to start laying?

3. Older ducks are about to begin laying again.

Your hens space a pair years old and stopped laying throughout the cold months, so friend switched them turn off duck layer feeding to maintainer feed. The weather has actually started warming up so you want to recognize if your ducks are about to begin laying therefore you deserve to switch them back to layer feed.

How execute you tell?

Thankfully, there space some telltale indications that will help you identify when her ducks are about to put or are currently laying…


Jackson, among our Welsh Harlequin ducks, trying come sit top top a an extremely large, strangely shame egg. Just kidding. This is in reality a jackfruit. We call this item of duck art “Jackson top top Jackfruit.”

How to tell if your duck is laying eggs (or around to place eggs)…

One the the factors we decided Welsh Harlequins ducks is due to the fact that they’re related to as among the most sociable each other (in enhancement to various other attributes). We also made sure to handle our flock commonly as they prospered up, giving them lots of treats therefore they had actually positive associations v the experience.


Ducks often tend to lay in the early on morning in a communal nest (unlike chickens that lay in individual nests). However, we’ve had instances where among our girls doesn’t lay prior to we let them the end in the morning, and will begin laying in a “secret” nest hidden far in the bushes.

In addition to do them more like pets/family members than manufacturing animals, this practice has likewise meant the we have the right to regularly “inspect” our ducks for any type of potential injuries or problems. (Read our article, 3 tips to gain your ducks to prefer you, to learn more.)

What go this have to do with telling if her ducks space laying eggs? A lot…

The finger test: exactly how to tell if your ducks space laying eggs

The best method to understand if your birds room laying — or are around to put —is to catch them and also measure the distance between their pelvic bones.

As a duck’s body prepares come lay eggs, their pelvic bones start to loosen up and also become more comprehensive apart, permitting for the i of eggs. The opposite is additionally true: once they’re no laying, your pelvic bones stiffen and the width decreases.

So, pick your duck up, location your hand between their pelvic bones and also measure. Ours Welsh Harlequins room an average-sized breed, around 3-4 pounds. When they’re not laying, we can measure about 2 fingersacross the an are between their pelvic bones. As soon as they are laying, it’s 3-4 fingers. If you have actually a smaller or larger breed, the width will likely be different.


Look at those child-bearing hips!

Again, to create a baseline ofwhat your ducks feeling like when they’re not laying, it’s vital to take care of them as soon as they’ve reached adulthood butbefore your bodies have actually started preparing to place (13 main or earlier).

How no to tell if her ducks space laying eggs

We provided to think we can tell which of our duck were and were no laying eggs via your body shape. Beforehand in our duck parenting days, we noticed that our ducks who were no laying were smooth in their undercarriage area, while the ones who were laying had actually a “little lady lump” in the very same area between their rib cages and pelvic bones.

Our best guess in ~ the time? when their reproductive mechanism is energetic that area of their body swells slightly v follicles around to be released, however when your body is taking a lot needed remainder from creating eggs over there is activity and hence no swelling.

At the time, us realized this to be purely anecdotal and also we weren’t sure if there was any kind of science behind that — or if the monitoring would hold up over the years.

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Those beloved lady lumps (click image to enlarge)


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