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house » Empowering ours Veterans » For trace Adkins and also Brantley Gilbert, supporting the military Is Personal


Country stars trace Adkins and Brantley Gilbert talk about why support for the army is so crucial to them, and what they’re act to do a difference.

Thecountry music community is recognized for supporting the military. Singers TraceAdkins and also Brantley Gilbert exemplify that commitment.

Trace Adkins

Adkins,57, who’s to be a country star because that over 2 decades, has sold 11 million albums,won numerous CMT and also ACM awards and has practically 200 million dram on YouTube.But the artist is particularly honored to give ago to members of the militaryand veterans.

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“Ithink of myself as a citizens that’s very appreciative that the sacrifices and also thework these men and women do,” that says. “They’re great people and they’re doingnoble work.”

Adkins’ support for the armed forces started at an early stage in his career once he walk on his very first USO tour in 2002 come Bahrain. “After that first trip, i was hooked. They were some of the many appreciative audiences that you’ll ever play for.” since then, he’s been on a total of 12 USO tours, visiting over 65,000 company members across the globe, consisting of performances at armed forces installations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Japan, Germany, Italy, and also Spain.


Respectfor the equipped forces is a typical theme in the singer’s music. “The last fewalbums we’ve constantly tried to encompass a song that payment tribute to the guys andwomen that serve,” that says. “I appreciate them. They’ve gained my back and ns wantto let them know, I’ve got theirs too.”

In2016, Adkins obtained the nationwide Defense commercial Association’s Dwight D.Eisenhower Award because that his impressive leadership and advocacy for servicemembers. He additionally supports other veterans’ projects and also organizations, includingthe hurt Warrior Project. But Adkins is humble. “I’m not going to pat myselfon the back too hard,” that says. “I just do what i can and also hopefully it’llhelp.”


Gilbertis always looking for avenues to help veterans. The singer, songwriterand producer claims his maternal grandfather and also several that his uncles served inthe military. He recalls his mom saying his Uncle Jimmy had a difficult time whenhe come home.

Yearslater, a few of Gilbert’s friends got in the service and also one that themstruggled. “That was the very first time that it really hit home,” he says. “Becauseit was someone i knew well before they left, well sufficient to understand that they werea lot various when they got back.”

Thatexperience motivated Gilbert to see how he could assist veterans. He and his wifeAmber work with the Atlanta Humane culture to place companion organization dogs withvets in need.


Healso says getting to know a vet ~ above a personal level. “You never know, youmight finish up with a near friend like I did,” says Gilbert, who formed a strongfriendship v Staff SergeantJustin Patterson, a veteran army sniper.

Patterson,who was injured as soon as a roadside bomb fight his vehicle, has actually PTSD. The 2 metthrough the hurt Warrior Project and also talk number of times a week. Pattersongave Gilbert one of his three Purple Hearts and also credits the singer through helpingsave his life.

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“Itis safe to say that any type of work I perform with active duty or veterans has constantly beenlife transforming and not just a small bit,” says Gilbert.